I’m feeling the heat

Sorry for not posting the past two days. I had a bit of a productive streak for the past. The first one, I added four sections to my WiP. The second, I edited Doorways. 

In other words, I completed the whole round of edits in a single day. Which left me completely tired, but at least I’ll be able to get on with my rewriting once more.

I’ve actually been in a strange place, emotionally, making my drafting efforts a bit more difficult. I love the story, but at the moment, the only thing that’s not giving me a ton of stress in my life is my writing.

Problem is, as the pressure grows, my creativity goes.

My rhyming skills, remain.

Yeah… weird… Weird place. Anyway. Pressure or no pressure, I know one thing.

Writing makes things better. Not only does it take me away from my issues, but it helps me deal with them.

But damn. The issues don’t help me to sit down and write.

Still, I do. Almost every day. I sit down and find what I want to say. Usually, it starts off wrong, uncomfortable. Stiff. But as I go, I start living myself into my character’s worlds and problems (and let’s face it, theirs make mine look like inconveniences) and the words come. First a trickle, then a flood.

Hopefully, I can keep this happening for as long as I need to.

Anyone else have issues with writing when the rest of your life is somehow out of whack?


32 thoughts on “I’m feeling the heat

  1. My life doesn't have to be perfect, but things do have to be together before I can write.
    Even more so than writing, music helps me deal with life. And a stressful day can mess up my guitar practice as well.

  2. I'm working with a Blogger friend and we are committed to each write 6k a week through Halloween, which should net us each a 75k first draft.

    It's a hectic schedule, but knowing I *have* to send 20-25 pages to her every Friday is keeping me going 🙂

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. When I'm stressed or worried I find writing hard, but if I can get into the zone. That place where the words flow and the characters are part of you, then it is a massive stress reliever. Sounds like you're had a good writing session.

  4. I realized a coupe of weeks ago I could either get so wrapped up in writing and thinking about writing that I forgot everything else….or I got so wrapped up in everything else that I couldn't even begin to consider writing anything. It's like a rush down to the kitchen every morning to see what will win!

  5. Absolutely, I can't write if I am at all distracted by other ideas or problems.
    The physical environment is not too important, but stray thoughts make writing impossible.

  6. I also have a terrible time writing if I'm stressed or worried about something. I've had writer's block for most of the summer as a result. Finally getting in a better place where I'm excited about writing again now.

    I hope that your writing does keep happening! 🙂

  7. I have to really balance feeding my soul and creativity with writing, especially when I'm feeling stressed or out of balance. The need for nourishment is greater! Best to you as you keep on your path.

  8. Yes, I do have those issues. My day job is currently way out of control, and it makes everything (writing especially) harder. Not impossible, but harder.

    And I'm wowed that you completed an entire round of edits in one day. Color me seriously impressed.

  9. There's definitely something therapeutic about writing. Perhaps it's a form of escapism – to disappear into the world I've created for my characters – I find it takes me out of the here and now. As you say, though, it's not always possible to achieve that.

    It sounds like you're making good progress with Doorways 🙂

  10. A whole round of edits in one go! Wow, no wonder you were tired after that. I find I can happily switch off from the real world to write – of course it helps that my characters are always having a far worse time of it than me!

  11. At the moment, I'm in an opposite position. There's so much stuff going on in my life that I can't concentrate on my writing. I'm hoping things will slow down soon and I'll get the time to sit at my new writing space and my fingers will fly over the keyboard. 🙂

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