Good news bad news

Good news is that my laptop  is back. 

Bad news is that none of my programs could be reinstalled by the it people, so I have to do it myself. Including microsoft office. *Shudder*
So… yeah… My laptop isn’t technically mine yet. It lacks all the things I love and enjoy. I’ll probably have to work everything back slowly. 
Further bad news is that the IT failed to save the blurbs and synopses that I was supposed to get to Etopia Press. So I’ll have to start again. (For those of you who missed it the announcement of my laptop failing, I did save everything up to two days before it failed.)
And we all know what a lovely inspiring experience it is to write those. *fake smile* 
But hey, at least I have some motivation. Those blurbs and the synopsis I’ll be sending in will influence the cover that’ll get chosen for Doorways. 

Ooh! Speaking of which, I need to share something juicy with you guys soon… 
In the meantime, it’s time for me to get back to downloading necessary problems *ahem* programs. 
Once that’s done, I’m really really going to try and get some blog visits in. I’m way overdue. 
How was your weekend?

40 thoughts on “Good news bad news

  1. Glad you got your laptop back. You'll get it back up to par soon. Taking your time to do sounds like a good idea so you can have it running in tip-top shape.

    Oh the joy of writing blurbs and synopses. Well, keep that fake smile plastered as you chug through those 🙂 I'm excited to see what your cover will be!

  2. Bummer…. but at least you have your baby back!

    Blurbs are my new specialties now.. LOL. If you get a chance drop by my blog on Wednesday for an announcement.

    Also, Misha, you may not know, but I illustrated a cover for debut author, Siv Ottem. I'm featuring it at my blog today… so if you need a break from downloading… please stop by. Would love to see you!

  3. Ouch. Reloading is a pain in the patooky. So are blurbs and a synopsis. But at least your computer is back. So that's good.

    I'm putting a polish on the final chapters of Beyond the Edge. By the weekend I start the revision. Deadline is Sept. 5.

  4. My first laptop crashed, irreparably. HOWEVER when I first bought it, I made back-up disks and bought a 5 year warranty. Huzzah!

    Cannot emphasize how important this is: make these disks!

  5. Mine failed a couple of months ago (it took 6 weeks to get it fixed), and today I finally finished downloading everything that got wiped. Yay!

    I hope the blurbs and synopses are easier the second time around! Sorry you have to redo them.

  6. You're living every writer's nightmare. At least you backed up most of it.

    I still cringe every time I think of the author whose laptop was stolen. Her work was backed up, but her flash drives were in the case with the computer…that they stole. She. Lost. Everything. 😦

  7. Sorry about the hassles with your computer. I'd offer advice if I knew anything about computers. Just yesterday I lost three hours' worth of notes for my dissertation due to my laptop malfunctioning.

  8. I have an effective back up system you could try. I email everything I want to save to my son. That puts a copy on my computer at my house and his computer at his house. Even a tornado isn't likely to wipe us both out. And it's cheaper than cloud storage.

    Just in case…

  9. I'm glad you had almost everything backed up but I'm sorry you have to reinstall everything! Computers can be such hell.
    Best of luck getting the blurb and synopsis done again. I'm looking forward to whatever juicy thing it is you have to share! 🙂

  10. This sounds like my idea of Hell! Utter nightmare. Sorry this happened but I'm sure the new blurbs/synopsis will be better than the first… And if they're not, eat chocolate and move on. 🙂

  11. Computer problems can drain your energy and inspiration. I have become paranoid about losing stuff, so I now save EVERY SESSION to a Dropbox folder as well as on whatever machine I'm working on. It syncs perfectly between my iPad and Mac and unless you need a mega storage plan – it's FREE!

  12. Sorry you're still having to deal with the computer, but glad it's back. Just last week I had to reformat my mother's computer because it got hit with a bad virus. Quoting Laura above, 'computer problems are the worst.'

  13. Hahaha that's an awesome idea. I actually e-mail everything very important to my gmail account.

    Sadly, my computer broke on Monday before I could back up what I'd literally just finished writing. :-/

  14. Yeah it's now my idea of hell as well.

    Ended up not doing the synopsis. I just couldn't. Not when I was literally days from an immovable deadline. Luckily, the publisher understood.

  15. I actually have a paid account with dropbox that I use often. Now, I'm actually growing to be so paranoid that I'm backing almost everything up as soon as I'm done with the file for the day.

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