She’s aliiiiiiive!

Things have been a bit busy lately, as I’m sure you noticed.

See… once I got past my hang-ups, I easily got back into draft mode and got a lot of writing done. No really. I wrote almost 30k in two weeks. Most of it was by hand.

Yeah… that’s really impressive for me, since I write by hand. But… because I write by hand, it meant that every moment where I didn’t work was filled with writing.

But yesterday, the edits for Doorways came back, so I’m back to editing once more. Which is a lot faster and easier for me.

And that’s why I have returned.

How are you doing?

26 thoughts on “She’s aliiiiiiive!

  1. I write by hand too, because when I try to write out first drafts on the laptop I end up reading Wikipedia entries and watching Youtube videos instead. Congratulations on the 30k! That's impressive.

  2. You're doing awesome! I write faster by hand too. Well, I type more words per minute than handwrite, but the words flow so much easier and faster when I put pencil to paper. My problem is finding time between work and everything else to type it in the computer. I'm doing a little transferring here and there, when dinner's in the oven or something, but then I get ideas to keep going and I abandon the typing to get more new writing done! I guess I'll just have to type like a fiend the last weekend in July, lol!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. Wow, that's some speedy writing! I'm drafting though I rarely get more than 5K a week, and often not that. I need to finish my draft by the end of this month, then I get to do intensive revisions. Should be fun. Good luck on your edits.

  4. Rena's response made me laugh. I write by hand as well and must congratulate you on your progress. Right now I'm at the library and about to leave to buy lunch. Yes my life is super exciting.

  5. I have a writer friend who solely writes in long hand, filling up notebooks. She really believes the flow of thoughts from hand to paper is much more smooth than typing on a keyboard. Probably less internet distractions too!

  6. Good for you! I've been getting a wee bit of writing done- just wee bit and if you hadn't asked it wouldn't have even been worth mentioning (like I wouldn't update it on my blog).

    Keep it up!

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