Paying Forward Awards

Hey all! Sorry for being so late with this! My life went nuts this past week. But finally, I get to make an announcement about June’s Paying Forward Awards.

So here goes:

I’ve received over 20 nominations, but some were repeats, which means that I ended up having 19 nominees. Because of the wonderful reasons you who nominated gave, I’m adding voucher prizes to the list I already have so that we automatically have 19 winners!

So thanks again to everyone who nominated.

And a very very special thanks to the following amazing people who volunteered prizes:

First Chapter Critique
First Chapter Critique
Paper Copies of  M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine l’Engle, The Return of the Indian by Lynne Reid Banks and This and That by Emily Carr. (US Residents Only) 

E-Copies of his Moonsongs Trilogy

E-Copy of one of her books or a three chapter critique

A Hawaiian care package. (US Residents only)

First Chapter Critique

Three chapter/30 page critique

And then I’ll be adding two one (one has been claimed) $10 and two one $5 Amazon vouchers to be making a total of 19 prizes. 

That’s it from me. I’ll be contacting the nominees with instructions, but would you all like to know who they are? 

25 thoughts on “Paying Forward Awards

  1. Me want to know, too 🙂

    *THANKS* Misha for all you to keep the Paying It Forward awards going.

    Ps: put me down as a prize contributor again – just let me know when 🙂

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