That moment when… all you want to do is edit.

But know you won’t get a chance to until 9 p.m.

Or at lest, that’s what it’s feeling like at the moment. Naturally, since I’m writing this blog post, it isn’t strictly true.

Which makes me think. Isn’t it amazing how frustration works?

We writers want to do some writing or… editing. (Yes, I know I’m a freak to actually want to edit.)

Finally, after days and days of procrastinating, the time to write is now.

Except, life also decides it needs much more urgent attention. One thing happens. Which annoys us. Then the next thing annoys us more. Soon, we’re these seething little pressure cookers, with everything keeping us away from our work adding up to more than the sum of its parts.

Yes. Really. Like me. I want to edit, but a flat tire kept me from edits last night until 1 a.m. in the morning. Sleep (being a bit more of a priority at the time) took up my morning before work.

And work. Well. It’s 4 p.m. and my edits are still untouched.

Ironically, things settled back down about five minutes after the first two lines of this post. Which was about 30 minutes ago.

But by now, I’m such a dithering mess of frustration, that it took me writing this post to actually realize that I can just get some editing done now.

Sad, I know. But hey, no one ever said my mind was uninteresting.

Anyone also get more frustrated about writing/editing than you should actually be?

20 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. LOL. All the time! Mostly when I'm distracted by the Internet. I wish I wanted to edit as badly as you do–I'd just like the motivation to be frustrated about that.

  2. Oh yeah, I get frustrated with how my life just randomly explodes and then I'm struggling to just make sure we continue to have dinner on the table (close to on time). And then I get mad at myself for spending time on the internet while I unwind. It's like “Duh, fool, you had the time to work on your novel!”

    Stupid little voice.

  3. I know what you mean. I find when I don't have time to write when I want to that I get very cranky. Then, when it comes time to write, sometimes it's so slow. As for editing, I often dread editing my own work. It's so much easier to edit other people's work. LOL!

  4. There are times I want to write and there I times I just want to be staring at pages and pages of terrific prose that I've written without having to actually to the work. It all evens out.

  5. Life is getting in my way quite a lot at the minute. I'm trying to work on my dissertation, but I'm not getting to as often as I'd like, what with work and family time. I'll get there eventually.
    Also, I love editing.

  6. Always, always, always. If I carve out some time for writing/editing, I get very frustrated when life decides it has other plans.

    I don't always enjoy the editing process, but I do usually love where the story ends up because of it.

  7. I hate it when there's a ton of other things that need tending to before I can sit down and do what I need to do.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. I hear you. I get down to writing today… finally. And it's all crap. I'm going to erase it and start that chapter over. What was I thinking?

  9. We're “seething pressure cookers”–I like that image. I mean, not BEING it, but the way you put it. ;o) Yep, I'm getting more stressed about writing/editing than I should be. And I've been realizing that the past coupla days. So I can relate!

  10. Yeah, I am trying to start writing my first book and its something I really want to do but I always find theres something else that I need to do first. Very frustrating! I write a little blog about my frustrations that I have just started too

  11. The other day I sat down to write and at that moment someone from my phone company called. I ended up spending almost 45 minutes on the phone, which is what always happens whenever I talk to people from my phone company, because I keep getting transferred to a bunch of different people. It was very hard not to lose my patience with the customer service reps who were helping me, because I was frustrated about being on the phone for so long and I was frustrated that it was keeping me from writing.

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