This might sound rather strange, but I’m stealing time to spend with God. 

It’s just as if… with everything going on in my life, my mind flies everywhere at the same time. So when I’m supposed to have quiet time, I spend more time trying to get myself to quiet down than I do actually praying. 
BUT. Sometimes, when I least expect it, there are these moments of clarity. Of just wanting to share something with him. Like… “Wow. That’s such a beautiful sunset.” Or… “Right now, I feel very lonely.” And then there’d be this wonderful conversation that comes from it. 
I love those moments. They make me feel like writing sonnets or just singing. Or… like I can go take on the rest of my day. They’re wonderful. 
It’s truly a blessing that God gives those moments for me to savor. And I thank Him from the bottom of my heart. 
Do you also get spontaneous moments of just spending time with God? 

24 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Yes! Like yesterday, I was listening to Hillsong Australia's Cornerstone album and the songs moved me! It was so beautiful I went down on my knees at a point 🙂

  2. I do. I have moments of complete faith that everything in my life is going to turn out well. Often at those times I feel that my son, who we lost when he was three days old, is with me too.

  3. I know just what you mean. I was in tears at church yesterday, with just the awesomeness of His love for me despite my frequent lack of faith and self-doubt. I'm so happy to be forgiven and loved.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. I've taken to watching the sun rise … in being aware of His awesomeness. Now my kids are a little older they're letting me have a quiet moment in the morning to reflect, download and pray. xxx

  5. Yes, and often after those times I've immediately had moments where lost things are found, thoughts come together, things that needed saying or writing come through and I can sing out even with a cold. And I know I have been given a little gift for taking time for fellowship with God.

  6. Each moment is a gift and blessing from the Creator. I try to be thankful for everything: the air I breathe, the rain, the flowers and birds in our yard, our dog, the food on my plate… everything. When I remember to be thankful, it seems that sorrow, anger, pain etc. becomes insignificant.

  7. Yes, I get those moments of pure blessedness–usually there when everything is quiet and I've been reading my Bible. Or like you, when I'm sitting outside, feeling a breeze against my skin and thinking about the beauty of creation.

  8. I do. All the time. I've seen places that have moved me to prayer. And everyday life just being thankful for my family and home. It's a marvelous thing!

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