What happens now?

Okay! Now I really feel like April is over and I’m getting back to my regular schedule.

BUT I learnt from when I went to Berlin. There’s no chance of me doing regular postings from 13 to 24 May as I’ll be in Europe again.

So… that leaves me unable to plan a Paying Forward Award or Word Master Challenge. So. What I’m going to do is this.

I’m going to start collecting prizes for the Paying Forward Awards from tomorrow. For the end of June. Which means this will be the biggest awards to date. As always, I’ll need your help, so please start thinking of anything you have to offer that will make things awesome for another blogger. I’m more than willing to reciprocate by hosting a guest post by you or interviewing you or something like that.

As for the Word Master Challenge, I’ll open it on Monday.

Who’s excited for MFB’s return to normal?

48 thoughts on “What happens now?

  1. Have a great trip and come back to tell us about it. As to prizes, I have some books on my shelf that I could offer. Let me know how and when and what else I can do. I'm taking May off, but will back at my computer in June, about the 6th!

  2. Sounds like things are shaking up for you, Misha. Have a wonderful time! I have tons of books – craft & fiction. I have ebooks. I have bookmarks, and soon I'll have “Carry On” buttons.

  3. Taking a break from blogging is not a bad thing, especially after such an intense time as A to Z. Enjoy your trip. -Belinda.

  4. You may not be blogging as much, but it must be very exciting to travel to Europe! Think of it as fodder for your blog or even for your next book! πŸ™‚

  5. I'm so out of the loop on the Blogosphere, but I'm trying my best to visit everyone who commented on my A-Z posts, and to visit everyone that I already follow (you're on my sidebar on my blog *grin*). Anyway, not sure if it will help, but I'm happy to offer an ecopy of my debut rom-com as a prize. Email me at tundiel@googlemail.com if you are interested!! And enjoy Europe, you lucky thing!! πŸ˜€

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