A to Z Challenge: Stop Worrying!

Seems people have picked up that my series this month is about reality checks. Uh oh… now I have to change my approach or those in denial will avoid me. That would just be… inefficient.

So. Today will be a reality check for new writers still, BUT with a difference. This one has a much more positive spin. 
The message is simple. 
So what if your story has no plot? So what if your story is completely different from anything else in your genre? So what if prudes and the ignorant masses will try to burn your books once they’re published? 
Most of us are fortunate enough to live in countries where we won’t get shot for writing something different. 
Use that. Go nuts. Be as mad as a hatter on speed. 
Be you. 
And you’ll be okay. 
I promise. 

26 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Stop Worrying!

  1. Oh, and remember, that every book that gets burned has to be purchased first, so being a book burning writer could equate to pretty decent sales if your publisher is savvy…

  2. I wouldn't mind making a 'Burn this!' list! It means the power of my writing has made people sit up and feel something strong. I would mind getting shot for it, though! 🙂
    Lovely, lovely, lovely post!

  3. Oh my, I gave up worrying a long time ago (at least I tell myself that)…at least about whether or not my book is like any genre…because odds are, it isn't. 😉

  4. My hubby keeps trying to convince me of this. He's like, “The next book will be better.” And then while my back is turned he snatches the draft and starts the publishing process. Eek!

    So, I'm going to take your message and play it in my head again and again and again, until I believe it. =)

  5. What you say? No worries? But that's my second name! It comes like breathing to me. I think the switch was implanted in the factory, don't know yet how to turn it down.

  6. I've never worried about the length of my books since finding out about the modern-day “word count” police. Why should I apologize for deliberately planning and plotting sagas, hack out hundreds of pages and important characters and subplots for no reasons other than to bring down length, or chop it up into a pretended trilogy or series and dole out the plot piecemeal? Since when was counting words more important than telling a story at the length that fits it?

  7. Short and sweet and IMPORTANT. I love it. Sometimes I'll look back and think of those early manuscripts–the ones that were pure imagination and creativity, because my craft was non existent. I find myself nostalgic for the time when I didn't know just how hard all of this is, just how much there is to master. Back then it was about falling in love with the story–magical 🙂

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