Getting Back to Writing

As most of you noticed, I’m sure, querying hasn’t been a roller-coaster process as much as a downward spiral. It’s been taking a toll on me, creatively.

Just as I feel like I’m ready, willing and able to write, another flurry for frustrating form rejections come in, dunking me into another bout of disappointments.

It just ended up turning into this cycle that I just couldn’t seem to break.

But last month, with the personalized rejection I received, I realized I’ve had enough. I’m no longer going to waste my time worrying about agents who won’t get my book. They’re not the reason why I write.

My love of writing is.

So I decided to make March about getting back to my first love. I joined three challenges to motivate me and set the goal at 31k words this month. In other words, I’m aiming to write a thousand words every day for a month (not counting blogging). To keep things fun and easy, I’m not limiting myself to one story.

I’m writing anything that strikes my fancy.

So far, I’m up to date to achieve my goal, although I haven’t written today’s goal yet. But as soon as this is written, I plan to get some words down.

Not because I have to, but because I want to.

Anyone else join writing challenges this month? How are you doing?

Before you go, please don’t forget to think about sponsoring for the Paying Forward Awards. Any prizes are welcomed. Please contact me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com if you’re interested in volunteering.

And then, remember to check out the Word Master Challenge!


28 thoughts on “Getting Back to Writing

  1. Hi Misha,

    I think it's terrific that you are writing whatever comes to mind. I'm a firm believer in writing variety and exercising my last two brain cells 🙂

    Keep going with your goals in small, workable amounts. I don't do writing challenges. I'm very much into just doing my own thing. Be well, Misha and happy writing to you.

    Gary 🙂

  2. I didnt write at all yesterday, but between last Wed & yesterday I wrote 88 pages. My goal has been 4,000/day, but it's because I have this strange motivation/momentum right now, and I'm going to keep going like this until it runs out. Once it does, I'll come up w/ a new plan. LOL But for now I'm going with it.

  3. That's a really great idea, Misha. And yeah, it's really hard to take all the rejection that seems to just pile on during the query process. Good for you for getting back out and writing.

  4. I'm bias, which means I think you made the right decision. You don't really need an agent unless you're signing with one of the top 6 publishers. If that happens, then you can pretty well approach any agent you like.

  5. I'm sticking with the DOJO-Ninja writer. I've got to get Lila's next story out. Right now, she's in a hospital bed, looking like a green booger according to a girl ghost..actually to all the ghost she comes across, including Gram. And everyone has noticed, her mother, Babs strange behavior.

    I really need to work on this because Lila hates germs and anything grody. Not to mention, she's a bit perturbed that I haven't solved her dilemma yet. I'm reading blogs instead.

    Anyway, hugs and chocolate,

  6. Misha- I went through a bit of a funk the end of last year. I took two months off from any expectations and just chilled trying to get in touch with who I was as a writer. The time off ended up giving me a new perspective. I started the year off with new writing challenges and goals and it's amazing how reinvigorated I feel about writing again and how many doors are now flinging open! I hope you tap into that love again and don't let the query process squelch your beautiful, creative spirit.

  7. Good luck with your goals this month. The most important piece of advice I ever hear about writing, is to write, and you're doing that!

    I hope you enjoy falling in love again with the writing itself… you should write about that experience 😉

  8. I'm sorry you've been so discouraged. (Querying and submitting can be so demoralizing–I'm feeling the same thing.) I hope that you get some encouragement soon! Have fun with the new WIPs.

  9. Chin up. Shoulders back. Go girl!

    Writing anything that strikes your fancy sounds like a great idea! I should try that one day… *thoughtful contemplation*
    Good luck with all your challenges Misha!

  10. Good for you, Misha. And best of luck with your writing, I hope you will enjoy it and not let those rejections get you down anymore. Querying totally sucks, no doubt. Take care!

  11. SO glad for you Misha.

    I am so there with you. I am SO OVER THOSE DARN FORM rejections. We take so much time to write a professional query, would it kill them to address it with a name?

    I am proud of you that you are writing for the love of writing. That's really what it's all about.

    I went back to my first novel, which I love and am doing a rewrite. Loving it more each day. Plan to get to my novella sometime after the A-Z challenge.

    Keep up the good work and you are doing an AMAZING job on the Pay it Forward Awards. I am still doing the happy dance.

  12. Stinking rejections! I've experienced a good chunk, lately, and I almost shelved my WIP because of it. No worries—I believe a lot of this business has to do with luck and what the agent is in the mood for that day. You can do it and I'll be sending you positive vibes!!! +++++

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