I was going to post something clever…

But I just got a personalized rejection from my dream agent. Yeah, part of me is thrilled to finally get some useful agent advice, but I’d really been hoping, you know?

It’s a bit sad, because I think what he pointed out isn’t really a major problem for the novel. It’s actually not even something that lasts a chapter. But I guess it shouldn’t have been there, hey?

So yeah. I’m just glad to know it wasn’t something terrible turning him off. That would have sucked. And it is my first novel I ever queried. Who knows? Maybe he’ll dig the next one.


43 thoughts on “I was going to post something clever…

  1. Getting a personalized rejection is really good. It says the agent saw something there, but it didn't work out with this novel. True, yes is even better, but anything beyond a form rejection is a step in the right direction. 🙂

  2. It's great that you have a specific idea of what he thought was wrong – sometimes even the personalised ones gloss over the actual issue (I've read a couple of posts about that recently). Good luck with the next submission 🙂

  3. Boy, why does that feel like such a sucker punch to the gut? I'm sorry. I hate to sound like a Perky Patty, but I have to echo the other thoughts here, receiving a personalized rejection seems like about as positive as it gets.

    I'm one of those people who truly believes that there are reasons and purposes behind almost everything, even though we don't see them at the time. Here's hoping your path leads to a rejoicing purpose soon.

  4. Ouch, I know how that feels. But a personalised rejection is definitely a good sign! I take them to mean that although your work might not be right for a particular agent, it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the book. Best of luck finding a place for your work! 🙂

  5. Oh Misha, I'm so sorry to hear. Everyone here has already said the cheer up stuff, but man it hurts to get one of those. Sometimes, a personalized rejection is almost worse. I sort of feel like when they just give me a form rejection, maybe they didn't really read it, so it isn't really a rejection.

    On the other hand, agents just don't even bother with personalization unless you're really close. That's a big big deal. I hope you can see how incredible that part is, even if it's tacked on to a rejection (which are craptastic by nature).

  6. I would not take it as a “No” but as a “Not yet but you're getting there”. Sometimes it feels like a brick in the face just the same, but with these bricks you can build your stairs that will take you up to success. Keep on going.

  7. I got a rejection in January, after 3 months of waiting. So, I understand. I've got to dust it off and send it out again. It wasn't an enlightening experience. At least you got feedback. They said they mailed my ms back, but haven't seen it yet, after nearly 5 wks (an SASE was in there, too).

  8. Hi Misha,

    I'm ever so sorry to read this. However, you know that the driving force lies within your writing passion. Next time may well bring a different outcome. Keep going and keep smiling, even through gritted teeth.

    In kindness,


  9. Don't give up (although I don't that crosse your mind) – you made a brave move and got feedback. If it was only a tiny thing, why didn't he suggest a change? Anyway, this is why I haven't even tried to the trad. route – I'm not brave. But remember all those who were rejected many times over, until someone saw their brilliance finally. It will happen. x

  10. Sorry for your bad news, Misha. I once got a rejection on my birthday, if that helps. 🙂

    I've gotten loads of generic “No, thanks” rejections, but only one personalized, which was also at the beginning of my writing/querying stage. At the time, it was just one more wound, you know? I saved that letter, though, and went back to it, took the advice in it to heart, and acted on it. So I'm with the “personalized rejections are gold” camp, 'cause they really are. (((((((((((((((Misha)))))))))))))))

  11. Yeah I don't actually think that the problem the agent highlighted is a problem. It's just bad luck that he asked for a certain amount of words, because the so called problem doesn't exist if the excerpt is read in context. :-/

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