I’m a minion!

Sort of like this, but prettier. And with two eyes.

Yep, I volunteered to help out the A to Z Challenge cohosts and Damyanti picked me to help her, along with Mina, Pam and Rosalind.

Because of that, I even got this badge.

For in case you’re new to the blogging world or lived under a rock for a long time, let me give you some info on the A to Z Challenge.

The concept is easy. There are 26 weekdays and Saturdays this April. On each of them, you do a post. The topics/titles of the posts have to correspond to the day’s letter. (A on day 1, B on day 2 etc.) If you want, you can follow a theme, or you can be wacky. You can plan ahead or improvise. As long as there are 26 posts from A to Z.

The fun, though, is the fact that this is by far the biggest blogfest I take part in. Last year had over 1000 blogs participating, covering a wide variety of topics. It’s an amazing way to get to know people.

But please remember, the best way to get to know them is to go to their blogs first and leave a nice comment. And also, please don’t start at 1 unless you’re planning to hit as many blogs as possible. Yes, I know it’s not nice to tell people what to do, but as someone who hit 800+ blogs last year, I found it really sad that some really good blogs went unvisited because they were lower down the list.

Anyway, does A to Z sound good to you? Great! Click the badge below to sign up.

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Before you go!!! Please don’t forget to volunteer prizes for the Paying Forward Awards! You ladies and gents make it awesome, so please search your hearts. Any prizes will be welcomed, so please contact me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com if you’re interested in contributing. Please make “Paying Forward” your topic so I can keep track easily.Β 

Also!!! Don’t forget to check out February’s Word Master Challenge. Entries close on 3 March.Β 

Are you signing up for the A to Z Challenge? Got a theme planned?


72 thoughts on “I’m a minion!

  1. I haven't decided yet on the A to Z Challenge. I've done it two years running now and had a great time doing so, but I just don't know if I'll have the time for it this year.

    Congrats on having achieved minion status!

  2. I've signed up and am doing a double theme this year. I'm going to have to check my posts ahead of time on a different computer (probably at the university library) to see if the secondary theme is showing up properly on a non-Mac.

  3. Yep. Last year I ignored it, because I'd go right past my blogs, but maybe this year I think I'll follow that piece of advice and see how close I can get to my own blogs again. πŸ˜€

  4. Oh no Misha! πŸ™‚

    They got you! Then again, always good to bring further awareness of the alphabet we are familiar with.

    This might um surprise you, but I would never participate in it. Of course, ironically, my satire postings about the challenge actually bring further awareness of it…

    Seriously, Misha, you have fun, you minion you! πŸ™‚

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