Announcing: The Word Master Challenge

Yesterday, another thought struck me as to how to make MFB even more fun for you ladies and gents.

I present to you:

The idea of the Word Master Challenge is simple. Every month, (except possibly April), I’ll announce a theme for the challenge. It’ll be writing related in some way, but I’ll try to make every theme a little different. The winner of the month’s challenge wins a voucher to the internet book vendor of their choice or a 10 chapter crit from me.

January’s challenge will be:

How Not to Write a Novel Beginning.

In less than 300 words, I want to see your idea of the WORST beginning you can possibly write. The funnier and more creative you are, the better. To make it easier for me, you have the WHOLE of January to enter, but you must please enter the SPECIFIC entry link into the linky list below.

I’ll announce the winner and the new theme on 8 February. Who’s in? Any Questions?

49 thoughts on “Announcing: The Word Master Challenge

  1. You can post it today, if you want, or any day in January as long as you put the entry link in the list afterwards.

    I did it like this to give you all time to think about and post something awesome. So when you're ready, feel free to enter. 🙂

  2. I already have so many ideas in my head– basically all the “no-no's” my professor listed off in my intro class so many years ago. might have to try this out! ha!

  3. I have to do this. 300 words? can do. You should post the top five in February.

    I've never taken a writing course, so I'll have to just wing it. Write something I wouldn't want to read.

  4. Writing a beginning so terrible that it becomes awesome…that will be a challenge. Haha. Very cool idea. I love the idea of posting the top 5…the best of the worst…so would that be the bottom 5?

  5. Darn I accidentally put in my blog link in the linky. Could you delete it for me until I get my own post up for this contest. Anyway I really like this idea and I'm already brimming with different writing scenes.

  6. What a fun challenge. I'm sorry I missed January's as I have some “pretty awfully written” begininngs. Enjoyed reading some of the entries, though. I've got myself a reminder to check back on Feb. 8.

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