Messing around, but… not.

Hi all! If you haven’t yet read about my plans for MFB this year, please check out this post.

Somehow, the past two days just whooshed past me. I’d thought I’ll work on my synopsis. Or on some writing… or.. well… anything, really.

Truth is, though, I didn’t.

Odd thing is, it’s not really bothering all that much, cause the reason for this is me and my one CP’s version of character interviews.

The way we do it is fun and different and incredibly insightful. Also, very addictive, because the interviews are a creative process unto themselves.

So in a sense, I did get a lot done. Just not in the conventional sense.

Soon, though, I really have to stop playing around and get back to “work”. Good thing I enjoy both equally.

Do you also “play around” with your characters in seemingly unrelated ways to get to know them better?


35 thoughts on “Messing around, but… not.

  1. You know, I really Should play around with my characters more. Ive thought of writing a couple of chapters in another POV (other than the MC) just to get to know them better, but I always put it off with the excuse, “I just dont have the time.”

  2. NOt really. I usually write about fifteen pages of info dumps at the beginning of a ms then go back and delete them and start the book after that.

  3. I love my characters. And honestly, I used to play around with them. They are characters my friends created for an online role playing game. I know them inside out, but when a new character comes along… well, I interview them and 'talk' to them to get to know what they're all about. Helps me in the writing process to make them well developed.

  4. I don't really mess around with my characters. I slowly get to know them as I write. I find my writing much more rewarding as I watch them unfold in front of me. Even though I write a pretty thorough outline, they never cease to surprise me once they're written.

  5. I also interview and talk to my characters. Usually before I start the rewrite. That way, I can find the voice I'm working with, while also getting a feel for what the character is going through in that scene.

    I do it often in the early sections of a story, but as it progresses, I need it less and less. πŸ™‚

  6. You know, it's something I've been thinking of. The one story I truly love, I spent six months thinking about before writing the first word.

    Sometimes I think I should give all my drafts the same level of attention.

    Problem is, every time I don't write anything else, my first WiP just comes back to the forefront of my mind. :-/

  7. I also find discovery by writing more rewarding as a rule. Thing is, there's so much going on in my main WiP series that it's better to know more beforehand. Just helps to keep everything under control.

  8. I did a spontaneous interview of one of my characters once and it surprised me just how much I learned about my character in just a few pages of interview. I can only imagine how fun it must be to have a back and forth exchange with your CP. You've got me thinking I need to do another interview….. (;

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