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Before I start with today’s IWSG post, I just want to ask you to check out yesterday’s post, if you haven’t yet. It’s all about making the bloggosphere a bit more awesome, but I need your help.

Now, it’s time for another Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. In case you don’t know, every first Wednesday of the month, a group of us writers (led by Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh) share our insecurities and encouragement. If you want to sign up or just read more posts, click here.

My insecurity about queries actually vanished last night. Thanks to the amazing Erica Olson, I FINALLY think I understand how a query should be constructed.

Now, my insecurity turns to the synopsis. See, I wrote one, and I used to think it’s pretty good. Except I now have a brilliant query letter that goes with it. So it needs to be better.

MUCH better. Thing is, I don’t know how to make it so. *headdesk*

Still, thanks to you amazing guys who kept giving me tips, advice and links, I am learning. I just hope I have a good synopsis by the end of next week, because I want to start sending those suckers out again.

Anyone else querying/writing synopses? How is it going for you?


50 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. Well, one security down at least!
    Synopsis – short and exciting.
    Yeah, I'm not very good at those either. I rewrite the synopsis more than any other part.
    Maybe look at the backs of other books in your genre and see what works for them? Might give you an idea what will work for your story.

  2. I think it would be so much easier if places would just want the query and the first 3 chapters on the first submit. Then if they're interested ask for a synopsis. Because writing those things take a lot of time and effort..yet they're not the part that could ever be published.

  3. I teach a blurb writing class, and what I always tell people is you can use your query as a jumping off place for the synop. The first sentence of your query is usually a good place to start the first paragraph. If you're query only covers the major plot(and it should) then those other sentences will be useful as well.

  4. Good luck with your submissions!

    The whole submission process scares me. That might be why I have a dozen finished manuscripts and not one query or synopsis to show for it. 8 )

  5. I agree with Ava. I am scared to death because it is all so new. But, my goal is to get to that step in the next couple of months. You have to do it, write. Congrats on figuring the query out. I am sure you will do the same with the synopsis.

  6. Hi, Misha,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! WISHING you all the best in 2013!

    Glad you got your query perfect! Erica is a SWEETHEART! She was my first writer friend and helped me when I first started out AGES ago…

    Yes, I start querying my second novel. I have a blogger friend that is fine tuning my final query before I start sending it out next week.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  7. Ugh! Queries and Synopsis. Two words that are the bane of my existence. However, while I feel I have mastered the query, I don't think so with the synopsis. I find mine lacking all the time. But you do what you can. Hopefully I will get this down pat as well. I wish you luck!

  8. HA! Erica just helped me with a synopsis, too. She's helping all over the place. There are a few things that are just really hard to see for yourself, and queries and synopses are two things that we are just too close to our MSs to evaluate well.

  9. Yay for conquering the query!! I rewrote my synopsis several times, so you're not alone. I read through ALL the synopsis crap-o-meters at the old Miss Snark's site, and the big difference between a query and a synopsis is that the synopsis gives away the ending. Good luck!

  10. You're welcome, Misha, so glad to help – if you consider my “shred and tear” way of critiquing to be a help. 😉 Good luck with the synop!

    And thankyouthankyouthankyou again for helping us with our pages!

  11. That's actually a great approach to take. I'll definitely use it when the time comes for me to write queries and synopses for my other stories. Sadly, the query can't cover enough ground for my current WiP. My book is well… huge.

  12. Ugh, querrying and synopsising. Good luck with it. (And I'm such a spaz—I don't know how I landed on a post from August, but I didn't notice the date when I left the comment—allow me to revise – I hope you HAD fun at the Con. d'oh!)

  13. Hahahaha no worries. You're far from the only one who managed it. Really makes me wish I can figure out how you guys are doing it. 😀

    PS, I comments on posts older than six months have to be verified by me first, so I just didn't let it through.

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