ANNOUNCING: My First Book’s Plans for 2013

Aaaaah… smell the air. I love the scent of new days and new possibilities.

Soon, things will return to a bit more of a normalized schedule, but I expect work to pick up a bit. However, I will definitely be returning to my early to bed, early to rise schedule. I have some projects I want to finish early this year, so it’s best for me to get some writing, blogging and networking done while everyone in my house is still sleeping.

Then, there is the new direction I want to go into with my blog. I think it will be awesome, but only if 1) YOU want it and  2) YOU can help me.

See… I think last year had some great moments on this blog where people stopped by to give and even ask advice. Which was so amazing for me. And it really got me thinking about what I want this blog to become.

As writing blogs go, this is a pretty big one and I’d like to think that it has added value to the readers who stopped by in the past. (THANK YOU!!!)

Now, I want to make it even bigger and better. I want to spend 2013 and the foreseeable future giving back to the amazing writing community. So what I have in mind is two-fold:


I want to make people more aware of some awesome blogs out there that might or might not be off the beaten track. Also, I want to be made aware of those. Even if it’s your own.

Also, whether I participate or not, I want to share any and all blogfests, competitions and or events happening. I’ll be trying to get around as much as possible to find these events, BUT I am sadly not the Ninja Captain, so if you have something happening. Even if you think I should have found out already. PLEASE let me know.

Paying Forward

Once again, I am ready, willing and able to help with blog tours, interviews and guest posts. However, because of the fact that this is about us writing bloggers, content writers are STILL not welcome to submit.

Then there’s something I’d really love to see coming off the ground, but that I’m terrified won’t happen. I want to hold a monthly awards ceremony with a nomination and voting process. The awards, however, are the issue. I am going to give amazon vouchers every month (although the amounts may differ based on how much I have at the time), but will also be offering crits, blog analyses or anything within my skill-set that a writing blogger might find useful.

Here’s the hard part: I want you guys to help me. I don’t necessarily mean money. If you can donate time to help someone edit. Or help someone with a query letter and/or synopsis (cause heaven knows I CAN’T). Anything helpful or nice (and preferably open to all countries). From something small to something generous. Everything will be appreciated and best of all, it will brighten someone’s day. I’m thinking that those of you who offer prizes (henceforth called the sponsors) will be listed among the most awesome of the most awesome on my blog.

Also, you will be welcome to take over for a day to plug your book, blog etc. to heart’s content for a day (although I have found that it’s usually better to disguise this in a helpful writing post). Heck, you can make a huge giveaway around your book.

I just think it will be amazing if this works, so I really hope you guys will find it helpful. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a prize for the most generous blogger at the end of the year. The sky’s the limit if we work together.

So… what do you say? Who’s in? If you are, please contact me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with either AWARENESS or PAYING FORWARD as the subject. Comments are also welcome, but might be hard if I can’t reach you by e-mail.

Have a WONDERFUL 2013!


28 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING: My First Book’s Plans for 2013

  1. What a cool way to give back! I'm onboard. Later this week, I'm planning to post details on my own blog about crit opportunities, so feel free to send people my way for the “editing” portion of your Pay It Forward idea. I'll email you when that post goes live.

  2. Great ideas! It's awesome how much writers give and care about each other. It's definitely not a business where we all want to eat each other's heads off. Oh, and thanks for the crit offer. I'd love to have your input! (When I finish, that is. I wouldn't want to give you a reason to eat my head off.) 😉

  3. Hi Misha
    I already have a writing post on Mondays that can be tailored to any writing subject or challenge. I will offer that if you'd like plus crit. one chapter, once a month. I'm not advertising my email anymore since it is filled with spam so we will work on a system to contact winners. I'll email you.

    Great idea for a New Year.

  4. I have been thinking along these lines with a pay it forward sort of thing for my blog as well. Just didn't know how to go about it. Sign me up to do a critique at the very least. Time will dictate if I can do more.

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