You know it’s bad when procrastinating means you write a query instead.

Thanks so much for the comments to yesterday’s post. I decided to stop whining and look at the query again.

Mistake I’d made this time: I put too much importance on it. You see… I’m not excluding any publishing method at this stage. The only reason why I’m querying now is so that I can say I tried it. If it fails, I’m not going to worry about it too much.

It just means I wasn’t meant to go the traditional route. I’ll take another.

In the mean time, I looked at my most recently drafted query. It sucked.

So I decided to take a completely new approach to the query and I think it’s pretty dang good. Just waiting for the dust to settle, then I’ll be editing it again.

In the mean time, I started the monumental task of summarizing Doorways so that I can write the synopsis. I have 70 chapters. So far, I’ve finished 13.

That’s not the only monumental task I have in front of me. It’s not even the most urgent  I have to finish my grandmother’s painting. You know… the one that’s supposed to be her Christmas gift.

I’m filled with jitters about it. It’s all good and well to do one for myself, but this is for my Grandmother’s Christmas present, so I really don’t want to mess it up. But I only have 6 days and so much detail work to do that I’m terrified.

Sigh. Sorry if today’s post is mixed up. I have a few too many things vying for my attention today.

Anyone else as messed up as me this time of the year? What do you need to get done and soon?

43 thoughts on “You know it’s bad when procrastinating means you write a query instead.

  1. My problem with querying is I always forget to do it. Pretty much like cleaning the bathroom. But at least cleaning the bathroom is more fun. lol

    I've thought of doing the same with my new project–querying first then self publishing. But since I don't know which agents are looking for NA (though more might be by the time I'm ready to query), I'll probably stick with my original plans and go straight to self publishing.

  2. I've been putting off querying one of my books since I finished it in the spring, though I've entered it in a number of contests and even got some partial requests from that route. Part of that procrastination, besides polishing the query till it seemed perfect, was my confusion over whether it should be queried as upper YA or just regular adult historical that happens to have a teen character. I'm probably going to do some kind of e-publishing or indie publishing in the new year for my superlong historicals, knowing most agents or editors don't like long books these days.

  3. I think your new attitude about querying and it's importance is a good one. I found when I was writing my query for my YA novel and querying that I couldn't focus on anything else. It totally consumed me. That was one reason I ended up subbing to publishers on my own, which led to offers and then me signing with my agent. So thinking out of the box can be productive.

  4. Hehe, perhaps I should be busier than I am… Just letting it all cruise along this year.
    I've read a lot of successful queries… Some werent that special . It's a timing thing and whether or not the right editor likes it … Or not.
    Merry Christmas! Hope your sort it all out.

  5. Hope the painting is going well.

    Synopses are hard, but lots of folks want one from you [ie, book cover artists if you go indie], so it's good to do one no matter what.

    I'm trying to finish Boomtown. Almost done with 1st draft. The polished draft should go fairly quick, well it has to. Deadline is Jan. 21.

  6. Yeah, querying is a daunting task, even for already published authors!!
    And writing a synopsis is SUPER hard!

    I didnt know you painted too! Is there anything you dont do? Writing, blogging, planting orchids, painting… Man! impressive! 🙂

  7. You certainly are busy! Writing, querying, painting. Go, Misha! You can do it! And don't forget to relax during this season as well. Christmas only comes once a year. 🙂

  8. I just finished the second draft of my W.I.P., sent it to my critique partners, and will spend the next three weeks praying they love it as much as I do. A query letter sounds like a good idea. Since I hope to need one after I hear from them.

  9. Queries and outlines are so very hard to write! I wish I could help you out with some advice, but I'm really the last person to ask.

    I'm so messed up most of the year, Christmas isn't that different for me. But over the holidays I do get so crazy busy that I end up being stressed out. Hope your painting turns out to be just as beautiful as you'd like.

  10. Paint. Relax. Enjoy. Merry Christmas! I've turned up the Pandora Christmas selection way high today. I'm drowning out what I have to do and enjoying the reason.

  11. My big problem with self-publishing is that I'm practically on the other side of the world from my market.

    Yes, I still have social networks etc, but all the other tools you guys have like book tours and signings just aren't within my means right now.

  12. Yeah. I'm definitely thinking of subbing on my own. This process is really dragging me back.

    I want to be writing the sequel already, but can't. Not really. Not when I don't even know if the original will sell.

  13. I know what you mean! I have the kindest and most amazing CPs in the world, but every time I send something to them, my heart shrinks to the size of a raisin.

    It's never justified, though. Good luck! 🙂

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