When the going got tough, I kept going. And it worked!

Just a short message from my NaNo process I thought I’d share.

Remember when I said I had a hard time because the story and characters kept fighting me? Well… it took a week of writing through wool.

It was painful. It was difficult. It was a constant battle trying to find words and knowing what happens next.

Then it was week 2. THAT week. The one where things become more difficult because the story really needs to start going places by now.

I was in a panic about that, because unlike most WriMo’s, I didn’t even have the advantage of the beginner’s thrill. That I’d lost by day 3.

Still, after some encouragement from two ladies I met for a write-in, I decided to keep trying. It was even harder and I started to foresee the onset of Saggy Middle Syndrome. You know the one. Where you have no idea where the story is going any more, so it sags right where it’s supposed to be growing in excitement.

I despaired of my hopes to ever win a NaNo, but on the evening of day 8, something wonderful happened.

My female main character decided to take a new course of action. It changed everything. Set up the conflicts, stakes, everything. It was as if the gates of writerly heaven swung open and I could just keep going.

That feeling is still there. I’m so excited to keep going.

I think… Dare I say it?

I think I’ll make it.

How are things going for you – NaNo or no?

Missing you all! X

36 thoughts on “When the going got tough, I kept going. And it worked!

  1. I'm struggling. I have moments of inspiration which lasts for about 3000 words, then it all goes horribly wrong again. I can see what's wrong (too many characters) so I know how to sort it out, but that'll be an editing job – I don't want to delete any words, I only have 15000 of them! Glad yours is going so well though 🙂

  2. Yay!! That's great you found more conflict to keep from having those sad saggy middles.

    As for my NaNo, I'm a third of the way through the novel, which worries me a bit since there are probably another 50,000+ words to still write this month before the novel is complete.

  3. I'm still playing catch up. Passed the 14K mark last night, putting me only 3 days behind par. Time to keep the momentum going and catch up since I'll have 4 days next week that I won't be able to write. At all.

  4. I don't Wri-Mo because the pressure isn't healthy. Sure, when I have a writing contract I'll have to deal with it, but then the time invested will be validated and I won't have to feel as guilty about neglecting the littles. Still, I have pushed through my fair share of writer's block, and I'm super happy you persevered. All else fails, apply the rule of 7. (7 different twists or potential scenarios that will do exactly what your protagonist did–mix it up and take you in a fresh direction.)

    Best of luck!

  5. You'll make it if you put in enough effort. It really comes down to that and only that. You can do it!!!

    As a full-time writer I usually multitask. I work for a travel blog, write military history for Osprey Publishing, do occasional magazine work, and fit in some fiction on the side.

    Right now, though, I'm working on only one thing. I just got back from a vacation in Iraq and for the next two weeks am entirely focused on a travel series about my experiences there. You can see it here:


    Hope you don't mind the plug, but you did ask what I was doing!
    Keep on writing, you're gonna make it!!

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