A quick proof of life.

Hi just to let you know, week 1 of NaNo has been somewhat of a pain in the neck to get through, which is why I was so silent the past few days. Hopefully I’ll either find my stride or quit this coming week, so that I can at least get to some sort of routine that can include blogging again.

What’s news on your end? Any NaNo’ers? How are you getting along? And what the heck are you doing here?! Go write!


12 thoughts on “A quick proof of life.

  1. Don't quit writing. Even if you don't make your daily word count. Even if you don't make the over all goal, keep writing. In the end, you'll still have you book written, enough if it wasn't finished on your NaNo schedule:)

  2. Yes, I agree with those who say keep writing. I'm not doing NANO, but I'm working hard at writing every day to get a first draft of a new novel.

    I have to be my own disciplinarian. . .

  3. Don't quit!! Even if you don't get your word count goal, at least you're doing NaNo and getting *something* written!! I'm totally slacking off on NaNo this year, but maybe I'll start it a week late… :-p

  4. Try your best, Misha. I'd like to encourage you to not quit but you'll certainly have to do what is best for you. For now, take your time and give yourself a list of “options” for ways to mix things up with your MS.

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