How my break from writing is going.

When I finished Doorways, I decided I’d take a writing break to recover. I mean, I’ve been working on the story for six years.

Two months, I promised myself. Two months of sleeping in and complete hedonism. Watching t.v. Painting. Singing. Playing guitar…. Aahh… it made me happy just to think about.

And then last week happened.

On Wednesday, I dreamed a dream. Most of it was nonsense. But there was this guy. And what he was doing completely hooked my mind. So it started spinning, but that’s okay. I’d give it six months to incubate, the same as I did with Doorways. Back then, I gave up on plotting, but I didn’t just jump in and write. I waited. I got to know the characters. I learnt what made them tick and what made them explode. Then I learnt enough about their world to explore it without getting completely lost. And I’m pretty sure it’s reason number 1 why I finished it all the way through edits.

By the time I started drafting, I knew enough to find the story. And by the rewrite, I knew exactly what was going on. Which is notable, because I have multiple storylines. I even know what’s going on outside the scene. Even though most of it isn’t writted down.

But here’s a bit of a problem. The Doorways world is alive in my head. It takes up a lot of space, so it’s hard for me to get to any of my other story ideas. Because I want to keep Doorways to the fore (it’ll be too hard to remember everything later if/when I have to write the sequels), I needed to figure out a way to pull out the thoughts without pushing Doorways too much.

So I decided to let my mind hang back on this dream and start figuring things out on it’s own. After all. I have about 6 weeks left of my break.
Except I read this post. Although it didn’t really say anything I didn’t learn the hard way, it was the missing piece that helped me figure out how to finish my WiP3 or as you might know it, Don’t Look Back. 3 has already gotten more than enough thought. In fact its first draft is about as finished as I’ll get it.

So… What I have to do is to pull out the plot parts I liked and rewrite it into an even better story. TO do that, I need to plan. But it took more than Doorways, because I wrote it a lot faster and didn’t get as much time to mull on it.

So I found a way to do this. (Will post about it tomorrow). I now have a very excellent idea as to what will happen in that story. And in the dream story, because I decided to check it out while I was on a roll.

Now it’s just a matter of time to see how long it will take my muse to yank me away from my other activities.

Do you get a LOT of inspiration the moment you stop looking for it?

28 thoughts on “How my break from writing is going.

  1. Whenever I finish a writing project, and I discover that it is still occupying my mind, I sit down and draw a scene with pencil. By the time I finish the scene on the art pad, my brain is emptied. And then I can just move onto another project. If you draw, you might want to try that.

  2. I never dream anything that interesting.
    I only work on one thing at a time, so CassaStorm will be around for at least another year before I get into anything new. Just the way my mind works.
    But curious how you found a way to do that.

  3. I think there's no such thing a s a real from writing! Even when I'm not putting words on the page, I'm always thinking about ideas, imagining conversations between characters, trying to find the perfect description of the scenery…

    Good luck with all your ideas!

  4. Whenevr I take a break from writing, I read. I read and read and read until Im tired of reading. Then i switch it again and write.
    But I understand what you mean about not wanting to let Doorways out of your head… Thats why, even before my first MS was Totally and completely finished, I started the rough draft of the sequel.
    Great luck with your endeavors. are you now Querying agents?? Or what is going on with Doorways now?

  5. I work two and three projects at a time. Still not sure if that's good or bad. But as soon as book one was done I wrote the rough draft for books two and three. It took 4 years between book one and the finished book two, despite the early rough draft. I don't have any solutions, just wanted you to know — your not the only one, but I too find reading as a way to get out of the story for awhile.

  6. Yep, that is how it works. When you want your mind to be quiet and rest, it usually comes up with some way to compel you to write something else. I want to work on only one project at a time and usually I do, but lately, my mind is just a mess. Good-luck to you.

  7. I actually also write one story at a time, especially if one story is from the Doorways series, because my one character muzzles all the others.

    Now it's sort of a fight for supremacy in my head. Which makes sense, because I take a long time to draft. It might be months before I move on to another story.

  8. hahaha true. But when I'm not writing, my mind's more touch-and-go on the story thoughts, popping up ideas as it creates them, but not really able to sustain a logical line until all the pieces are thrown together.

    Which was why the post I mentioned what so important. Although it wasn't relevant to the story, my brain took it and turned it into something it could pry the last puzzle piece out of the idea stew that's my brain.

  9. Only two of mine came from a dream. And one's still stuck in a pipeline somewhere in my brain. I will get to it, though, because the character has the most vivid voice from all of the ones I've written thus far.

    But right now, I need more than just a great voice. And my other ideas have everything else I need.

  10. Lol yeah I REALLY need to read.

    I already started on the sequel to Doorways, but I think it's too much of a risk. If/When I get an agent, there will be edits. When I publish, there will be more.

    I want the sequel to flow from that, because it's how the story works.


  11. Sadly I can't read until I'm already out of the story for some reason.

    The same character who inspired me in the first place keeps interrupting when I'm paying attention elsewhere for no good reason.

  12. Yes! Maybe it's because relaxing makes us lose just enough focus for us to see the big picture? When that happens, we can see what else is lurking in our thoughts.

    I'm pretty sure the character I dreamed about was one my mind created while I wasn't paying attention. Yes, it does do that.


  13. We have some of the same problems. I told myself I wasn't going to write for a week because of some writer's block…and then what happens after three days. A breakthrough! Followed by writing more than ever.

    I'm also not so good at being pulled out of one story to work on another one. It always involves re-reading the entire story to get back into it, which slows me down.

    I'm impressed you've been working on your story for six years.

  14. Yeah that's happened to me too, since I tend to start stories between phases of my main WiP. 😀

    As for sticking to the story, it was PURE pigheadedness. I didn't even write flash fics while in a phase, because I was afraid of getting distracted.

  15. Do you get a LOT of inspiration the moment you stop looking for it?


    I have a lot of stories swirling in my head, and sometimes the scene for one will come screaming out, even though I'm in the middle of a very different WIP. It drives me nuts…but I love it!

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