Genre Favorites Blogfest

Today’s the day for the Genre Favorites Blofest, so I’m going to do a quick list of my favorite genres in Film, Novels and Music.

I’m actually a very “Anything Goes” kind of girl, so I don’t really have enough of a self-awareness to have a guilty pleasure.


Movies: Anything that gives me a few hours of escape. Usually either fantasy or a comic-book adaption.

Music: Rock. Of all persuasions although I tend to lean more to Alternative and Nu Metal.

Books: This might surprise people, but I adore good crime fiction and procedurals.

What about you? Care to share your favorite genres? Got any guilty secrets?


71 thoughts on “Genre Favorites Blogfest

  1. I love me some screamin' guitars, and there's a lot of alternative I like, but I think I've got too much of an old hippy vibe to really embrace Metal. I need a little groove and soul in there for it to really resonate.

    I do admire and respect the technical expertise, especially on guitar, but despite repeated “you've gotta hear this!” recommendations from my death-and black-metal-loving stepson, I just can't quite connect with most modern metal.

    But the books don't surprise me at all — I love mysteries and think crime and procedural fiction are good!

  2. I'm totally off. But I like fantasy films, sometimes. It gives me a good escape. I like romance films and books, pop music and action films as a guilty pleasure.

  3. I like the approach you took to this–not overly committed to anything specific and open to anything worthwhile. I often tend to live in the moment and think of whatever I'm currently watching, reading, or listening to as a favorite.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I also enjoy procedurals in tv form, but I've sort of stopped watching tv because of my lifestyle. Which involves writing, painting, exploring new places, seeing new things, working with people almost every night…. an not a lot of time for tv. So sadly not a lot of time for tv. Although I might take off early today and park myself on the living room sofa for the rest of the night.

  5. I agree. That's actually why I had such a hard time picking favorites, because my music, move and book genre choices are all about removing me from my reality world.

    In fact, I rate my music based on how much the transport me into one or more of my WiPs. ๐Ÿ˜€

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