Insecure (Frustrated) Writer’s Support Group

Hmm… This post could probably be called Frustration. Or… The Joy of Living with a Family Who Doesn’t Have an MS to Finish.
Because yes folks. Directly after discussing my book and how awesome it would be if I was like the next JK Rowling (lol I wish), in the car after a long day of meetings. After I said that I wanted to edit. I got called to waste almost two hours in the kitchen to clean up a mess that I wasn’t even there to make.
So yeah. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my family who grasps the magnitude of what this was. Because I want to start QUERYING at the end of the week. But I’ve just been set back yet again. I mean seriously. Packing away dishes that maids will come clean tomorrow if they’re there?
After picking up both my brothers’ slack for lame excuses such as pc gaming and such?
Not on.
So yeah. I’m still not finished. Which is frustrating the crap out of me.
That’s me for now. More frustrated than insecure.
So what about you? Does your family sometimes frustrate you as well? Or are they supportive?

38 thoughts on “Insecure (Frustrated) Writer’s Support Group

  1. It's hard to want to do something but be given other stuff to take care of first. I hope you'd have some time for yourself later on this week to do what you need to do.

  2. I know what you mean. I often find myself cleaning up messes that aren't my own. People often think of writers as relaxing with a cup of coffee, wasting away the time until a book magically pops out of the computer. I often wish this fantasy were more true, but it's not. Best of luck. I know you can do it, though it may take more time than you'd like. You can and will get it done as long as you stick to it. If it makes you feel better, I'm running behind as well, and I also have some catching up to do.

  3. I know that I am really lucky. My family is very supportive — no one more so than my husband. I mean, he took me to Mexico this summer just so I could climb a pyramid and work out the logistics of the final 3 chapters of my WIP! My two daughters are old enough to help with the chores, and they do. Working full time as a teacher, I would never be able to get in any writing time without their help.

  4. Ugh! You need a writing hole to crawl into … no bugs or brothers or anything. 🙂 Just you, a lamp and a plugin for your writing device. Ooh, and a sign that says, “No visitors!”

    Seriously frustrating when life chaos screws with our writing goals.

  5. They support me without knowing what I do, while they hold the belief I can write few have ever seen, and I keep my words to myself 🙂

    Sometimes wasting time is what you need, to take a break from being crammed inside your mind.

  6. While he does occasionally not understand that when I'm writing, it may not be the best time to talk to me about the free song of the day on Amazon, my significant other has been wildly supportive and patient throughout this whole process. I find it especially impressive now that, with publication looming, my rationality is shrinking a little more with each passing day.

  7. I know how you feel Misha! A lot of people view writing as a hobby, no matter how supportive they are usually. If reality gets in the way, writing falls down their priority ladder.

    Don't worry, though, when you're the next J.K Rowling, you can hire a cleaner to put the dishes away for you 🙂

  8. My frustrations are similar, but my family has developed a very sly method of 'saying' they'll give me time and space, which lasts for maybe a couple of days, and then reverting to type. But somehow they convince themselves they're still living up to their end of the deal. So if you try to call them on it they're all 'Yes, I did' referring to something they did two weeks ago.

    Moody Writing

  9. My daughter refers to my writing time as 'not a real job'. My hubby thinks I should occupy the other side of the sofa every night while he watches TV. Plus, no one does the kitchen clean up at night except me. No one walks Sir Poops and Hair Ball except me. Yada…yada…Frustration abounds here as well.


  10. If I want to clear the room all I have to say is, 'listen to this'. 🙂 They just hate when I read aloud. Love them, but yeah, frustrating is the word!

    One of my biggest grips. I love to cook, I love to cook for them, they so appreciate it, but I hate the clean up. I figure I cook, they clean up…never happens…NEVER! I quit cooking…then I try again…I cook…I still do the clean up! I'll never learn… 🙂

  11. Unless some money miracle happens in the next couple of weeks, I'm moving back in with my parents so I can put what would've been rent money towards my kid's college fees. I'm worried about them being understanding of my writerly goals…they're not really readers and I don't know how they'll take me not wanting to sort of “hang out” with them because I've got writing to do…Maybe they'll surprise me. 🙂
    Some Dark Romantic

  12. I can relate. I've got two very demanding kids and I get pulled in so many directions, of course none of which lead to my computer to write. I get this frustration, really do. Hope you can get in some good writing time soon.

  13. I'm glad you shared this. Sometimes getting out what frustrates you can be a big help. And I understand—those around you *don't* always understand how big a deal these writing steps are…especially given the amount of effort we've poured into our work.

  14. Good to know I'm far from being the only one with these issues.

    I must say I find it incredibly annoying how people seem to think that just because they have no issues with writing an e-mail, writing a novel must be easy too. :-/

  15. Yeah I know. I have three or four worlds that I juggle. So my mum and I have a lot of arguments because I never get out i.e. never get out just to be out, while I disagree because I have to go out to sing, help the youth, play guitar, write my libretto…


  16. Wow you are so lucky!

    I don't even wish for my family to be that supportive. Just… a bit more. Or a bit more really, instead of convincing themselves they are but actually not being because I'm not doing it in a way they like. :-/

  17. I know… people take writing for granted because writing is part of their everyday lives. Still, I think it's sad that people can celebrate authors without respecting writers at their craft. 😦

    Sadder yet: we have cleaners already. I just have anal family members.

  18. Siiigh. Yeah. I tend to serve leftovers and everyone complains because I'm not pulling my weight. Soooo unlike my brothers who don't even take anything out of the fridge and miss WHOLE DAYS of dishes and then refuse to return the favor if we clean up their messes.

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