So… when I said I’d be writing…

Just a quick update to show I’m not dead.

So… no writing happened. Not even editing, despite the fact that I now have two parts of Doorways back.

Why? Because the flu I thought I’d beaten just isn’t letting go.

When I left work on Thurday, my headache started. Now it’s Thursday again and guess what? It’s still here. At least it’s not as painful as it had been, but it’s so annoying.

Still… there’s this countdown timer at the top of my blog that says I have a week left to finish. Probably won’t now because I wasted a week without editing. But damned if I just slack off now. One CP has 1 part left to the finish. Another has two. I’m going to try at least send out the next parts before the deadline.

Knowing that three out of four CPs read all the way through will make me happy enough. So I guess I better get cracking.

Anyone else editing? How’s it going? And your writing?


15 thoughts on “So… when I said I’d be writing…

  1. Mine is being proofread before it goes to formatting. And I'm drafting a new one via Camp NaNo.

    As for your flu, have you been checked for mono?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Hope you get over your flu!

    And if you find your current deadline too aggressive, just sit down and have a talk with the taskmaster who issued that arbitrary schedule in the first place. If you try hard, you might be able to get them to see reason.


    Goo luck editing!

  3. Get better, Misha! Does this mean I'm getting more Doorways soon? Yay.

    Leigh says she's more than 1/2 way with editing Hetty. :-O

    Started writing Backworlds #3 and Hetty #2. I'm sort of dragging my feet still. I need a beating. 😀

  4. Editing can be exhilarating, it means you are in the home-stretch so to speak and soon the product will be complete.
    Re-set your timer and re-commit. And of course, get well very soon.

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