I’m in the new house, which is pretty awesome. Not awesome is the fact that, two days into living here, I came down with a tummy bug.

So… we have hundreds of boxes to unpack, but I’m stuck in bed. And the worst is, I have to wait another FOUR HOURS to see the doctor.

Anyway. I guess being bed-bound has its advantages. Namely I might actually have time to write an entry for WRiTE Club.

Which is why this post will be a short one. I’m going to utilize my time to write.

Will hopefully be back tomorrow with something more substantial.

Who else signed up for WRiTE Club? Have you submitted anything yet?


20 thoughts on “Back

  1. Welcome back. Sorry I'm taking so long on edits. My parents blew into town last week, and I got absolutely nothing done in my own life let alone anyone else's. It's like a zoo when they come into town because they are so old that they require constant attention and care.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you have been ill. That stinks. I'm glad you moved into your new house.

    I'm signed up for Write Club. Get your entry in!!

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