I decided to move up the Doorways Deadline


I really didn’t want to do this, but I just couldn’t see how I’d finish Doorways by the end of the mouth. I still have to work through crits for most of the stories and that means that my crit partners have to read my work.

They have lives. Most of them are recently published or working to get their work published. Some are doing both at the same time.

So in the scope of things, my book (in comparison to theirs) had a lower priority. Which is fine.

It just made sticking to the deadline impossible.

Especially since I haven’t even sent out the ms to Beta readers.

So yeah… I gave myself two months extra. Hopefully that will be enough.

How’s your writing coming along? Anyone publishing or editing?


23 thoughts on “I decided to move up the Doorways Deadline

  1. Bon courage! Which is a great French encouragement saying, Have good courage. You can do it. I think it's good to have a deadline to work towards, and moving it can just give you a second wind of energy and less relationship frustration. So good for you.
    I just got back my wip from a beta reader today and am anxious to get back to work on it. Oh the details to be filled!

  2. It's all understandable, but tough sometimes. Balancing is rough in this business. Keep writing and editing. Personally, I have movement with my YA manuscript. Don't want to say more just yet, but hoping to soon.

  3. There's nothing wrong with adjusting goals and self-imposed deadlines. It's better to take the time to produce a great manuscript than rush through just to have it done by said time.

  4. Don't feel too bad about what you had to do. Just feel assured that it's in the MS's best interest and will help it become even better than it could've been before. Although yes, it does suck to have to do that!

    Good luck!

  5. Think of it this way: giving yourself more time means more time to make Doorways even more awesome! 🙂 At least you won't feel like you have to make choices and cut corners that you might look back and wish you hadn't.

  6. You must be frustrated, but you can take consolation in the fact that you get more time to do a better job!

    My redraft of Veiled in Storms is still creeping along. Getting close to finishing the new draft.

  7. The other commenters said what I was going to say (self-imposed deadlines are good, but not rushing and allowing the story to play out at its own pace is better), but I still wanted to say good luck. I think my own deadline will have to go back a week. Hopefully not any more than that, but I'll just wait and see!

  8. Good luck!

    My fiction and poetry writing have been at a standstill; so many other things keep cutting into my writing time. I'm hoping to get going with it again next month–fingers crossed!

  9. You've got to do what you've got to do! Deadlines are always a great thing for motivating yourself, but you have to know when to be flexible. You've done the right thing by the sound of it.

  10. Smart move I think – trying to rush things is often a recipe for disaster. I've been on a writing/typing break, but I did manage to submit 1 item last week.

  11. Wow, congrats on getting things done. I write every day and have another month before my new manuscript is done. If I have to wait for readers or other things, I just get started on the next manuscript.

  12. Best of luck finishing your work at the new deadline. Life can often get in the way,eh? Sounds like you are doing fine. Re-adjusting a deadline is only a slight, temporary slowdown towards goal achievement. I know you will finish and your work will be critically successful because you have heart.
    I think you are right on track; stay positive, remember to breathe, keep a smile on your face (less taxing on face than frowning)and it will come to you. It has to because you put in the effort and you have something important to contribute to humankind.
    Now go ahead and prove me right.

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