Today is going to be another cop-out, I’m afraid. Before I’m going to write one more post, I have to pin down how I’m managing my time.

Because honestly, I can’t take this any more.

Will be back tomorrow.




12 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. Misha, I wondered why I had not seen any of your blogs, and found out that you were spammed! Yes, spammed from my account! How that happened, I don't know. Anyway, you have just done a tremendous number of things: getting married, planning the wedding, all the wedding details, etc. Just K.B. which means kick back. We will wait, impatiently, but wait.

  2. Ah yes, being spammed while I was a bit absent would partly explain the dip in my stats. Those spam attacks are so annoying. I get locked because someone's blog linked in mine got locked because someone's blog connected to theirs had been spammed. Sigh.

    As for getting married, I'm sadly still very single. Where did you hear that I'm married? πŸ˜€

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