Back, but not quite on track

Aaaaaah sometimes just a short break can make things better. I heard back from the doctor and I have a clean bill of health, except for certain hormones. But they’re not the ones that were making me tired.

Still… I’m just glad that it’s not something serious.

But yeah… in retrospect I think that it was lethargy that came from recovering after a stressful few weeks before.

You know that feeling as you prep for something really important and set all tiredness, emotions etc. aside until later only to have them all come back and thump you on the head once you’re done?

Yeah. That feeling.


I had it.

Now I’m feeling a lot better, but I’ve decided to make a more active effort at getting control over my stress, because I don’t think that this emotional roller coaster ride is healthy for me. And all things considered, I’d rather not be medicated. And at the rate I was going, I might as well have asked for a prescription.

So… yeah. It’s a bit of a tricky situation, because this lethargy has been creeping up on me ever since I started working.  As a result, the level of activity that have taken me months to build up just isn’t there any more. I have to build it up from scratch again.

But rather that than not getting anything done because I’m too tired/lethargic to.

So… although I will be back to regular posting, I might only be back to visiting other blogs later this week, since I’m just going to HAVE to sit down, take the billions of puzzle pieces that are my life at present and fit them all into my week. If I don’t, I might be insane by Thursday.

What’s your approach to getting everything done?


25 thoughts on “Back, but not quite on track

  1. Aw, I'm glad our health seems to be looking brighter and better. It's tough to work or even play when we don't physically feel well.

    I wish I could share with you some trade secret in getting all I'm responsible done in a timely fashion. I guess my best answer is to juggle really quickly. lol (FYI: this method increases stress levels.)

  2. Thank goodness the doc's tests have come back fine. General stress can take a terrible toll on your well-being, so, instead of saying, “I'll have fifteen minutes to my self this afternoon”, say, “I'll have fifteen minutes for myself right now!!!”

  3. I'm glad the test came back as normal. As for stress, sometimes I like to scream really, really loud, until my throat is hoarse. If I had a pit somewhere, I like to throw and break things, bottles and such. But I don't have a pit to throw stuff into. Something else that helps is pulling weeds, I can imagine I'm pulling out my nemesis's hair. But perhaps the best stress reliever I have is sitting quietly somewhere and visualizing all that stress as a huge knot, the Gordian Knot. Then I visualize Alexander the Great's sword in my hand and I chop the sucker into a gazillion pieces. Very empowering.

  4. Glad to see you back, and I'm glad there's no medical problem. I hope you feel properly recovered soon.

    My approach is not to even attempt everything. Mostly it's only the housework that I don't have time for…

  5. Sometimes a break is just what you need. I go through phases where I am super productive and other phases where I don't get anything done at all. I always feel bad, but it's best in the long run. I hope you get feeling better soon!

  6. I've been having a rough time of moving myself. My day job's had me in high gear without rest since December and when things calmed down for me in May I felt like I hit a wall. Didn't want to do anything, even beloved things. It's rough. Anyway, the thing you read a lot about is finding healthy ways of decompressing (yoga, meditation) so you can refresh yourself, and trimming stuff you needn't be doing, as well as scheduling things and allotting specific times for projects rather than seeing what you can cram into a day. I reckon we have to figure out what works best for us, eh?

    Good luck and take care!
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Can't escape the exhaustion if you keep going. It will catch you.

    In getting everything done, I just remember that some things I won't finish on schedule and I just live with it.

  8. Distress can get the better of you; I hope you gain control. Primal screams, meditation or talking it out with a friend should work better than chemicals. We will pray for you.
    Don't stop smiling.

  9. Sometimes it would be nice if life came with a pause button. Luckily, there is a mute button! Shut yourself in your room, put on some headphones, turn on the music and take five while your favorite tune plays. Maybe make a list of things you need to get done during the day. After your quick break, you'll come out with a good tune in your head and your day more organized than it was before. Organization, I find, sometimes helps with emotional stress.

  10. Hope you feel better, Misha!! I know I get overwhelmed still after 3 weeks recovery from surgery, so my advice? Just take it easy and let what happens, happens. You'll get through it.

  11. Im sorry you have been so stressed lately that its affected you physically! Thats never good! But I can definitely understand. I work, and have 2 kids, and in between I try to read and write… and it seems there are so many issues going on you just cannot hold onto reality. One thing I do is sit outside, after I put my kids to bed, and just sit. I listen to the birds and do nothing for like… 5 or 10 minutes. Just to remind me to slow down and calm down. Good luck, and Im glad you are feeling better!

  12. Great news!

    As to getting everything done . . . I've decided I can't, not ever. I've also decided that getting everything done isn't what's important. Enjoying the doing is.

    Here's to enjoying the doing.

  13. It's great that there wasn't anything really serious. It's really difficult to get everything we need to done, and not get stressed. I wish I had an adequate answer. I think telling yourself that you can only do what you can do might help, and putting unreasonable demands on yourself will only make you feel worse. Good luck!

  14. Hi there. Just popping by from the IWSG, and a new member of your blog. I know what you mean about lethargy and low energy. Every time I sit down to writing I seem to crash. It's all I can do to stay up. Lots of caffeine needed unfortunately.

  15. Glad to read you're feeling better. Hope you can manage to sort through the stuff you HAVE to do. Anything that can wait, should be left until you're stronger. With me, that usually means the housework! 🙂

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