Flash Fiction Blogfest

Today I’m posting my entry for Cherie Reich’s Flash Fiction Blogfest.

It’s really short, since it’s intended to capture a brief moment.

But yeah… this isn’t exactly light reading. Unfortunately, my muse could not be convinced to give me something else…

Please feel free to crit if you want, although this piece won’t be for a larger piece. 

Word count: 147


Lightning flashed, but the thunder that roars after it is the loudest I ever experienced. I see the earth lift up into the sky as death rises up. Everything around me shudders and groans its last breath. Wind blows to the explosion as death inhales, raising to its full height. People around me scream and run, but I watch transfixed. 

Where would I go?

There is no running from the death expanding its head like a cobra preparing to strike. It would be too fast.

For a moment I think about things I could have done different. Things I should have said to people I love. Loved. 


I should have told them more… God. This is really happening. It’s rolling towards me now. Little particles of dust and stone and bone hit me as death reaches out in all directions. 

I close my eyes and wait. 


37 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Blogfest

  1. And meanwhile, in a remote missile silo somewhere, a flustered general is thinking, “Whoops! Shouldn't have pressed the red button!”


    Awesome story, Misha! I love the atmosphere and the imagery. Very nice!

  2. Thank you for entering my 2nd Annual Flash Fiction Blogfest! The six finalists will be announced on Friday, May 25th. I will further comment on your entry on Thursday.

  3. How terrible it would be to see death approaching like that…but I like that this story serves as a reminder that in the end, love is what we will remember most and what will be most regretted if it was missing in life. Well done.

  4. I read this earlier, but my laptop seems to be having some internet connection issues, so I'm not sure I commented.
    So, finally . . .
    Beautiful, intense flash with loads of imagery!

  5. Nice story! I like how you divided it into paragraphs, especially when the single word “love” is just written on its own. The whole story is more powerful that way. Well done!

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