Playing Reading Catch-Up


So… it’s not enough that I have 23 hours accounted for – and it’s not for writing. I also still have books upon books upon books that I want to read this year.

That I wanted to read last year already.

So far, I have been getting along, but with my writing time almost down to nothing, my reading time is in the red-zone.

Which makes me wonder… Should I just be reading when my muse isn’t prodding me to write? I mean, if I write without being inspired, aren’t I just wasting time? And besides, it’s so important for writer’s to read. But at the cost of precious writing time?

Choices… Choices…

What do you suggest?

20 thoughts on “Playing Reading Catch-Up

  1. I would suggest still making time to read whenever you can. Even if it's 15min snippets at a time, or on journeys etc. I look at creativity as a muscle and reading as a tool to strengthen that muscle. I wouldn't say you're wasting time writing when uninspired, I would try a 5 minute freewrite at the start of your writing to get geared up for it 🙂 I'll be posting about freewriting tomorrow, I hope it helps in some way 🙂

  2. If it's a choice between reading and writing, I'd write. I think it's important for writers to read, especially when they are first learning, but most writers read less and less as time goes on. You shouldn't wait on your muse to prod you. Get to work and the words will come.

  3. Try free writing. You can't just write when you're inspired. That's like doing homework only when it excites you. Try writing about other things, about your day, a book you read, a poem or a character you like. It might get you into the zone for what you really want to write. And a good reading opportunity should be denied. Reading instead of writing is not a bad thing if not used in excess or as an escuse.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with writing. Also thanks for commenting on My WOW yesterday.

  4. Oh man I know exactly what you mean….I have books I bought in 2010 that I still haven't gotten around to reading yet. Plus I'm going to BEA in June, so I'll get tons of ARCs!

  5. Sounds like your batteries need some recharging and that you need some down time. That will inspire your writing. So, I say read until the writing bug bites. 🙂

  6. I read far more than I write (I know, bad me) and I still have over a hundred unread books lounging around my room, some I've had for over a year. (I have an obsession…) However, I know they're not going anywhere and if it interested and excited me when I first picked it up, it will interest and excite me when I sit down to read it.

  7. I tend to find when inspiration doesn't find me, a bit of music usually does the trick. otherwise I go down to my local cafe and just write anything… this way I can't get up and do things, or I'll lose my seat, and this usually ends up working too:)

  8. When my muse isn't prodding me, I usually take time to meditate or listen to meditative music; other times, I go out and take a nature walk or simple sit in the park. Just being quiet, sitting back and eating some grapes, etc. just enjoying the moments always works for me!

    There is nothing like inner balance! Making time for me is a must! My must time usually consist of relaxing, enjoying the moments! After a period of refreshing, my muse is ready to give and I'm ready to receive!

    Muses take time off so that you can become refreshed!

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