Prepping for the A-Z Challenge

Hahahahahahaha… maybe the headline should be supposedly prepping for A-Z.

See… I entered both my blogs. I realized recently that trusting that I’ll just be churning out two posts a day six days a week for a month while adapting to office life

Sadly… I realized this the day before yesterday. So my time is running really low. And I still have to edit. And visit blogs… and… and… and…

Also, my body picked today to pick up a cold/flu virus, so I spent most of my day staring blankly at the computer screen.


I will not lose my handle on the situation, though. I’m just going to do my best to get control over the amount of hours in my day. And then I’m going to get some edits and blog posts done.

What about you? Joined the A to Z Challenge? How are the preparations going?

15 thoughts on “Prepping for the A-Z Challenge

  1. I, too, am doing both of my blogs. I literally just finished pre-pending and formatting post number 26. Only 26 more to do. Maybe I'll have them done by Tuesday. Really, though, I just need to get another 13 done next week, so I'm ahead of the first half of the month. Hopefully I'll have them all done.

  2. I entered three of my blogs. I don't like to write the posts in advance (although rough drafts and detailed notes are okay), but I took several weeks to do my research and choose the topics for two of them. Since the third blog is mainly about pets in urgent need of adoption, I wouldn't be able to write those posts very far in advance anyway.


  3. That's a lot of blogging – but I'm sure you wouldn't have signed up both blogs if you didn't think you could do it!

    I have a complete blank on about 5 letters – the first being D! And X – does anyone have an X?

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

    I'm almost halfway through scheduling posts. Made a mistake earlier today and accidentally posted “K” on March 12, which means all the blogrolls and readers now say I updated with it. 😛

  5. Hope you feel better, Misha. I am also participating in A to Z. I started working on this a month ago, so I'm doing okay. I look forward to reading your posts!

  6. Hey Misha,
    Oh no, another person doing that challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet! Of course, you might be vaguely beware that last year and yep, this year, I shall be doing my alternative satire postings on the A to Z thingy ma jiggy 🙂
    Oh gosh, a zillion and one bloggers started with “A” is for “Apple”. Help me!
    Hope you are now feeling better. Wouldn't want you staring blankly at the screen.
    Seriously, have fun with the challenge and all that are doing it, have fun.
    Kind wishes, shy, humble, unassuming Gary who will now go back to his not worth reading blog…..

  7. I've joined the challenge but really can't make my mind up on a theme. So I haven't written any posts yet, and I'm also going on holiday for a week in April! Really need to pre-schedule something soon…

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