Creepy Hollow Launch Day

Hey all! Just stopped by from my blogging break to let you know about one of my blogging friends’ new book series: Creepy Hollow. This is the announcement:

Today the Creepy Hollow series kicks off with the release of the first story, GUARDIAN!!
GUARDIAN introduces readers to the magical world of Creepy Hollow, a realm where fae creatures both safe and definitely-not-so-safe dwell. Things are cool as long the fae stick to their own realm. It’s when they find their way into the human world that things start going wrong…

1. Receive assignment.

2. Save a life.
3. Sleep.
4. Repeat.

Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until one of her assignments—a human boy who shouldn’t even be able to see her—follows her into the fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the fae realm. Easy, right? But Nate and Vi are about to land themselves in even bigger trouble—and it’ll take all Vi’s training to get them out alive.

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The Creepy Hollow Series

Author Info

To find out more about the series, the author, and the characters, check out the blog tour that’s happening over the next two weeks.


19 thoughts on “Creepy Hollow Launch Day

  1. Hey Misha, launch break, ha ha, I like that.
    I may be mistaken but I think Rachel is also South African. Well done girl!
    The title reminds me of an Hotel near where I spent my late teens, Rivonia/four ways area. Sleepy Hollow was the name and Friday nights were a Joll in those days (seventies), Hmm I wonder? It was kind of magical too. 🙂

  2. Yes, Geoff, I am South African 🙂 And it's so funny to hear someone say “joll” online! The blogosphere usually feels to me like this place that exists everywhere and nowhere, but the word “joll” makes me feel right at home!

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