I didn’t forget to post…

Hi all. I haven’t forgotten to post today. But the huge amounts of singing that I’ve been doing recently has been leaving me drained. So, because I’ll have three more of these singing marathons in the next week, I think I might take a few days off from blogging.

Whether or not I come back to post for the rest of the week, GPF will continue.




18 thoughts on “I didn’t forget to post…

  1. Hi Misha,
    Good grief, how could I possibly survive without one of your must read and much loved postings? Whilst folks beg you to write on your blog, folks beg me not to write on mine. You are blessed.
    Anyway, rejoice in your singing, my friend. And when you are ready, when you have the time, you can let your words 'sing' to us all.

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