Key-Word Cavalry: How Keywords Work

This isn’t, strictly speaking, something that came up among the key-words that brought searches to my blog. Instead, one of my better blogging friends, Wendy, asked on the very first Key-Word Cavalry post if I could do a post about the key-words themselves.
So here goes:

Google employs a few thousand Internet gremlins, you see. And every time you write something into the search engine, they send you to the web pages that they best think suit your search.

That’s what I used to think. In fact, I still like to think about it that way. Because a lot of what I do just comes naturally.

But, there are supposedly method to the madness, but since I’ll cling to the gremlin theory with my dying breath, I thought I’d refer you to someone else’s blog post that gives some great tips, much better than I could do it.

25 Reasons Why Google Hates Your Blog

So… what is your theory on how keywords work?


36 thoughts on “Key-Word Cavalry: How Keywords Work

  1. I know that there are “bots” that “crawl” your site for keywords, and I recognized a few of the facts the blog post you linked to mentioned. That's the limit of what I know of keywords. πŸ˜›

  2. Allegedly, the algorithms Google uses are super secret. I'd heard they'd recently updated them so no one really knows how their SEO ranking works.

    I would love to work at Google. :sigh:

  3. Great link, I'm bookmarking that one!

    I've found that if I tag my blog post with something kind of obscure, it comes up in searches. Then again, they're so obscure that I doubt many people are searching for it. Basically–I'm as clueless as everyone else is about keywords…one person found mine searching for Vulcan mating fantasies or something. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi from the campaign. No one knows the trick to those crazy keywords. They drive me crazy. On another note, my sequel comes out at the end of March. I'd love it if you'd join me for a blog tour. What do you think?

  5. I haven't been to the link yet but I'm so excited you remember. I must say though I'm getting short of breath and clammy handed as I think of tackling this tech challenge. Putting on my big girl broekies and heading off.

  6. I guess that's a good thing. Otherwise the replies would eventually have to be arranged alphabetically, since everyone would get the same ratings if they knew how the algorithms worked. πŸ™‚

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