NaNo Day 8: An unforeseen windfall

Yep, I just got a call that I have to go be an extra at a movie set tomorrow, so I’m heading over to crash at a friend’s house for the night. Tomorrow might be a long working day, so I might be away from my computer.

So basically, I’ll possibly hit 20k sometime today or tomorrow. Maybe. I just won’t be able to update much.

What’s news at your end of the world?

Oh and, if you haven’t yet, please please please go check out the final entries for the  Rule of Three Blogfest. We all need your votes. You have until Friday to vote.


12 thoughts on “NaNo Day 8: An unforeseen windfall

  1. Hey Misha, I presume you've done this before so I won't bother to tell you to take some reading matter with you to keep you busy during the long waits between takes. You will probably meet some really interesting people who are going to give you so much to think and write about. Have a great time and God bless, Geoff.

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