Now I remember why I don’t play well with others…


There is nothing as stupid as a human being with herd mentality.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Usually, I fold away my annoyance and put it to the back of my mind, but now, I am tired and I am stressed.

My bullshit capacity is overtaxed. 

My inhibition – you know, the one that prevents me from turning into my dark, twisted, cynical bitch of an alter ego – is on its last legs.

And one of the few things that make me really happy has been soured (perhaps beyond salvage), because of the fact that people in the choir round on me without even bothering to see why I’m saying what I’m saying.

Hell, I even made sure I said it nicely. BUT oh no! In a crowd of over-forties, HOW DARE I HAVE AN OPINION? Moreover, how do I stick to it? Alone? Despite their attempts to steamroller me into their view.

One that is WRONG.

And this isn’t one of those chicken or egg issues. It’s music. Specifically the tempo. As indicated on the page and TAUGHT TO ME by the composer. I mean, I’d think that the music director would actually go through the trouble to READ what was written.


As frustrating as that is, it would not have bothered me if the three stooges sitting in front of me didn’t target me all the way through the practice, with tacit consent from the music director.

So now I’ve made a decision.

I only have so much time. I am not willing to spend it with childish over-forty-year-olds who are more focused on how they look in front of choir-mates than how they’re going to sound when they sing.

If this shit continues, I’ll find something else to do.

Because heaven knows, I have learnt to stay out of situations that bring out my dark side.

12 thoughts on “Now I remember why I don’t play well with others…

  1. It's so awful to know you're right and have the herd smugly attack you with their wrongness. I once had this happen in a poetry class. I was sure that poet Richard Wilbur meant one thing and everybody *knew* it meant something else. The next day, we had a surprise guest at our school–poet Richard Wilbur (he was teaching at a nearby University for a semester.) Guess who he said was right? Yup. Little moi. That taught me to stick to my guns no matter what the herd says. Obviously you do too. Good for you!

  2. I hate people who feel the need to crumble under peer pressure. Especially when they are adults! I mean really, why does life have to be so much like high school? I didn't like the bull in high school why would I like it now??? Stupid Lemmings.

  3. I agree with Caledonia. This post reminded me of my time spent in the choir in high school. Sorry these people never grew up and they have to be so aggravating. Well at least they didn't throw Slushees at you! Julie

  4. Altho I can't identify with the choir problem because I'm not a singer at all, I can surely relate to the pack/herd mentality. Grrr. And I love a good rant!

  5. Sounds like See, Hear and Speak no evil have found their way into your choir and found the right button to push with you. Also sounds like this rant is with good cause. You express yourself and stick to your guns and just maybe the herd will realize the lone sheep was baaa-ing for a good reason, or continue being a mindless herd heading for the wrong tempo. As someone who has been in a choir, I can certainly understand your pain.

  6. Hope you're feeling better. I'm in a choir too, so I have an idea of what you're going through. I've given myself until Christmas to decide whether to stay or go. Like you, there are others things I can do. Pity that because you're younger people won't listen. Makes no sense if you know what you're talking about.

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