Time flies, whether I have fun or not.

Part of me is kind of freaked about this.

I remember when seconds lasted an eternity while doing things I don’t particularly enjoy.

And yet, economics flew by.

Tomorrow will be my last course session. Monday will be my last class. It went by much faster than I thought it would.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t take classes until this semester. Or maybe it’s because I’ve grudgingly started to enjoy it again.

So much so that I won’t rule out coming back for Honors. Just. Not. Next year.

The thing is, as much as I enjoy it, I don’t appreciate the way it is marked or handled. Nor do I or will I ever respect the way that the students are handled.

I’m truly hoping that this will be the last time I ever write a 3rd year economics exam.

Please think of me while I prepare for the home stretch. I’m writing on 31 October. Yep. Halloween. Not planning to dress up or anything, but who knows? Maybe I’ll come back as a graduate. 😉

14 thoughts on “Time flies, whether I have fun or not.

  1. Just do the best that you possibly can Misha. It will have to be good enough. But I mean it when I say that. Don't shirk for an instant and give it 100% of everything you got. I think that if you do this you will be happier with yourself no matter what the result.

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