Opportunity Knocks

Funny how opportunities just happen when you least expect it.

The other day, I impulsively decided to let my tweets post to Facebook as well, thinking that I might as well, as I wouldn’t actually have to *ahem* spend any time on that irritating waste of web space.

And… well, for one thing, people are suddenly much more interested in my writing progress now. Maybe because everything’s being posted as I go. But that’s not really the news.

I was merrily going my way, finding the increase in responses interesting, but not really thinking about it a lot, when an old schoolfriend contacts me. Now when I say old, I mean ancient (by my standards). We went to primary school together.

So imagine my surprise when said friend leaves me a message stating that she’s now a graphical designer for a company that needs a writer for one of their projects…

Yep! I’m super excited about it, because I’ll be making good extra money doing something I love. Unfortunately I can’t really tell you more about what exactly I’ll be doing, as that would be unprofessional, but I just couldn’t hold the news back any longer.

So it just goes to show you that no matter how much you hate certain websites, they might still result in extra money…

Got any surprise opportunities lately?


22 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocks

  1. Wow, that's definitely good news.

    I infrequently visit a website for indie publishers and it was on one of such visits I got a tip which has helped make one of my books a bestseller on Amazon UK Kindle.

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