Yet another dilemma…

Warning! Gratuitous Cute Kitty Picture to follow…

There is a reason though. Two, actually.

One is that I finished WiP2 this weekend. So… Those thousands of errors I conveniently pushed aside for later? Uhm… yeah… I’m talking rewrites. AND research. Of course, I’m loving the latter, but I’m not sure if I should be taking it on right now.

See, my Doorways crits are coming in. So far I’ve gotten two back. My courage flagged at the sight of the amount of work I’d need to do for round 2.

If I want to be finished with edits any time soon, I’m not sure that embarking on WiP2 rewrites will be the smartest thing. Especially when my time is sort of a rare commodity until the very end of October.

Of course, there’s NaNo, but I think it will be better applied to writing another rough draft (WiP3), so WiP2 won’t be happening then either.

So now here’s the million dollar question: When will I be able to do it?

19 thoughts on “Yet another dilemma…

  1. Hey! Secondhand Shoes has been rewritten several times. Now it's in its last stages of edits and rewrites again before I hire a professional editor. Two, I've got half a draft of An Angel's Sin written and the first draft of COntessa and Arthur: Dark Chocolate Vampire kisses written. The last two projects are waiting for me to start on them again but I've got too many pokers in the fire. One project at a time to conquer.

  2. “One Day”. =)

    I'm the editing queen who picks at a story for ten years before letting anyone else read it. Now that I'm getting “old” (ha ha) I realize there's no reason to be impatient. Everything will happen eventually. I write what I love at the moment–and don't feel bad about letting something sit for a while. Time adds perspective.

  3. Well, if you're a productive writer, you're going to have more than one thing going on at once, with projects at different stages. I've gotten comfortable with putting things on pause to work on more urgent things, and I guess you just focus on the specific next steps you want to take toward reaching your goals! Good luck!

  4. Congrats on finishing WiP2!!

    Why is it so hard to choose what to do for NaNo? I'm always torn between rewrites, edits OR starting another new, shiny project.

    Best of luck in the choice of what to do and I'm sure it will be the best choice. Now…I've got to make some decisions of my own 🙂


  5. Hopefully the crits I gave you were helpful. I like your story…from what I've seen of it, the tale has a feel akin to the Narnia stuff and I like that “feel”. It's very aristocratic and can be magical depending on how you choose to handle it later in the project.

  6. I think having a break and taking a step back from a work you need to edit does more for you and the WIP than diving right in. I think you get a chance to let the story be new again, to see it from a different angle.

    Good luck with your edits!

  7. I'd say finish Doorways then move on and shelve it to age, there can be such a thing as over polishing. Get excited about the new project, and on the days you don't feel the spark do rewrites.

  8. Too many projects, too little time. It's a dilemma I'm still trying to figure out. *sigh* The only thing that's kept me working on my first book is that I figure, if I can get it into a saleable state, I can start looking for an agent and maybe possibly get a publisher and start getting paid for working on my future WIPs. That's my dream. And I can dream if I want to! =P

  9. OK first, that picture is adorable.

    You should definitely do NaNo! Step away from Doorways for a month to clear your head from it. That's my plan, finish this WIP by mid October, do NaNo, and then start on the edits for my WIP.

    Hope you get it figured out soon!

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