I’m a writer because…

I’m a little late today. Went to a brunch that stretched into the afternoon and only came back now. Still, it was lots of fun to get out of the house. 

Anyway, I’ve only read the introduction to the first book on writing so far and it made me think about what it is that makes us writers. For me it’s more than just writing every day. 

For me, writing forms a significant part of my identity. I am many things, but being a writer comes in chief among those things. 

I write even though it’s not always fun. Because it goes beyond that for me. It isn’t a hobby. For me, writing is something I need to do as regularly as I am able to, because it keeps me going in the most difficult of times. It’s a passion.   

Even when I’m nowhere close to a notebook or computer, I am writing. There are characters to get to know. Story lines to consider. So many little aspects that form the whole that gets onto the page eventually. Most of that doesn’t even feel like thinking. It doesn’t feel like work. To me it feels completely natural. In fact, I think I’d be uncomfortable if my mind completely stopped thinking about stories. It’s an obsession. 

So I’m a writer, because not writing would slowly drive me insane. 

Why do you write? What makes you a writer? 

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23 thoughts on “I’m a writer because…

  1. My tireless journey to absorb as much information possible from books, reading novels, the blogosphere, conferences and fellow writers. That makes me a writer.

    I enjoy creating characters, setting them on the page and following them while they explore the story world. That makes me a writer.

    Although apprehensive, I share my work for critique to improve my story. That makes me a writer.

    Reveling in revision. That makes me a writer.

    Refusing to quit when things get hard. That makes me a writer.

  2. Like you, I write because I have to. I write when i'm cutting someone's hair and there's no pen an paper around.

    I write for fun. I write to entertain myself an others. I write because its therapy. I write becuase if I don't I might explode a million words or characters onto people. My list of beacause goes on forever.

  3. Someone once said that we live in the 1% world when we could be living the 99%. Mozart was in the 99% world when he composed his symphonies. Paul McCartney when he wrote the words to Eleanor Rigby. Do you ever look back at a piece you wrote and realise how awesome it is and you think 'Did I write that? Really?' This is what it's all about – those dazzling bright white light moments when your own words take your breath away. This is what I live for.

  4. Sometimes I write fiction to stop myself from thinking about reality. It's not good but it's the truth and in a way we share the same outcome. It's to stop myself from going insane!

  5. I'm a writer because…well, because I can't not be a writer. When I was 8-years-old I was given my grandmother's typewriter. After writing several short stories and a half-hearted new language, it stuck. I'm a writer.

    Because if I wasn't, if I stopped right now and never sprang out of my bed in the middle of the night to go in search of my notebook again, who would I even be?

  6. Thanks for sharing! I've always believed that you should know why you do things, especially if you're doing something challenging.


  7. What a great question. I'm a writer for similar reasons as you; I have to write. My head gets filled with characters screaming to be heard, so I have to get them out somehow. The other reason is, I love to create new things. I can't bake a cake or build a house, so I create worlds and characters to live in them. And that's why I'm a writer.

  8. Great post again Misha! And I agree whole heartedly with you, that I HAVE to be constantly writing otherwise something would feel off. I usually finish outline my works in progess while I am folding the laundry or rocking my daughter to sleep at night. Like you said, it's an obsession, but this is one that I don't mind. 🙂

  9. I love this post. It's so true. I'm a writer not only because I love to write, because I have to. I start to feel restless (less content) when I don't sit down everyday and get the story in my head on the page. Everywhere I go, it's with me. The characters like to follow me around, and I never mind the company!

  10. Great question. I write, because if I don't the characters will haunt me and I can't sleep. Seriously I get lost in their world until I put it on paper.

  11. Wow, ladies and gents! Once again you amazed me with your great answers. It's so obvious that you've all thought about this too. I'm not replying individually, because I think that your answers deserve to stand alone. Just want to say that you're all amazing and that I hope from the bottom of my heart that your writing will lead to whatever goals or wishes that you strive for.

    Misha. X

  12. Having the opportunity to create something is a big driving force for me. Also, I get to check out of reality and delve into a world of my own creation. Call it therapeutic, call it fun, it all boils down to a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment for me.

    Nice post!

  13. My addiction to information and careful study of people results in me needing a outlet, which is writing.
    I think it's good to ask yourself these questions. Self reflection is great for growth.

  14. I say, writing is my sanity. I'm always running a story through my head. Always. I'm glad I finally committed to writing them down. No matter if I succeed or not, I will keep writing.

  15. I write because I can't stop. There's always something going on in my head, and in the absence of a Pensieve, I must write it all down. 😉

  16. I write because I love words !! I love the feel , the sound , the nuances … texture of words … the push & pull … the ebb & flow … the literal & figurative … the foreign & familiar … ambiguities … I could go on & on …
    I refer to myself as a writer-in-the-making as opposed to the word writer/author/storyteller or whatever word is used to depict somebody who writes .
    The actual writing process has started very late , for me …though there has always been a desire , deep down somewhere inside of me , to put all these words that keep swirling around in my head , to paper …

  17. I love this post! Writing is so much more than what I do, it's who I am. I can't remember a time when I wasn't making up stories, and like you, I do it to keep me sane. There's nothing else in the world I'd rather do than writing – the words run through my veins as much as through my head.

  18. I write so I can be famous! =P

    Hmm…thinking about it objectively, writing seems like a huge waste of time. But it's just so awesome, I can't stop. =) I write because I have so many story ideas, it'd be a shame to keep them in my head. I love finding beauty in words and ideas, not just paintings and music–as an art form, writing can be the most beautiful. As long as it's done well. *coughs* So what is there to do but learn to do it well?

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