Will I make it?

So! I think I got something of a surprise just now. 

I was going to write the following:

My writing application, yWriter has a daily word count target tool. It takes the amount of days I have left, the total amount of words I want to have down and the amount of words left to write and calculates how much I have to write every day to get to the target. 

Yes. Like NaNoWriMo. Unlike NaNo, I have to write *checks* 2205 words per day to finish in time. 

Hey wait. 37k. 37 days. 

I checked the tool and realised that for some reason, the date I set as the goal was 10 April. #headdesk# 

But… this is an excellent surprise. 

1012 words a day feels distinctly doable. 

The finish is so close I can taste it. 

Squee! I think I might be able to finish before 30 April. Sorry for those of you who were wondering how this would end. 😉 

I just had to share the joy. 

So. Anyone else got a surprise today, good or otherwise? Any other news? I’m dying to know. 😀

23 thoughts on “Will I make it?

  1. Yaaaaaaay awesomer deadlines. You can do it!!

    News today? Well, the rain has stopped. Sadly today isn't much of a news day for me. But we'll see if that changes.

  2. Hey Misha,
    I share your joy. All the best and keep going 🙂
    I got a surprise today. One of those pesky autograph hunters actually had a pen. Gosh, the life of stardom eh! 🙂 Okay, I'm so kidding…they didn't have a pen!
    Take care and happy writing.
    In kindness, shy and humble Gary 🙂

  3. Thanks Cherie! Your belief in me means a lot. 🙂

    Thanks Connie!

    Carole, I'll edit when I have the story done. 🙂

    Huge relief, Kelly. 😉

    Thanks E.J. I now want to see how soon I can get done. 🙂

    Thanks Munir. 🙂

    Thanks Schmidty. I suppose the change in weather was good news?

    Jeffrey that's awesome! I'm so happy for you.

    Thanks Sarah!

    Going, Marjorie, Going. 😉

    That's great, T.D. Openings can be a real pain. 🙂

    Thanks Elena. 🙂

    Thanks Golden! 😀

    Can totally hear them, Bish. 😉

    Lol Gary. How terrible that they forgot their pen. >_< Happy writing to you too. ;-) Michael, it's like my blood is constantly rushing. 😀

  4. 1012 words a day is definitely doable! I'm sure you can finish it before April 30. 🙂

    I have yWriter on my laptop, but I never use it, and I didn't even know that was a feature! I have a spreadsheet I created myself that I use. My goal is April 30, too, and unfortunately I DO have to write about 2200 words a day to meet it. But I did just start my fresh draft Friday, ha. Hopefully I can get it done!

  5. Jessica, I love yWriter, it's got a lot of useful features that help to keep my thoughts together. It also has a log to keep track of what you have written and when. Oooh, 2200 words are difficult, but it can be done. Still, I wish you good luck!


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